Trails Games Rated
Image: Push Square

Over recent years, Falcom's long-running Trails series has gained a lot of traction here in the West. We're still a few games behind at the time of writing this article, but publisher NIS America has hit a steady stride in releasing title after title.

And thankfully, we're now at a point where there are enough Trails games on modern platforms to warrant an official Push Square list. But before we can get around to that, we need you to rate these games. For the sake of simplicity, we're only including Trails titles that have been released in the West on current PlayStation consoles.

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In other words, we're looking at the whole four-game Trails of Cold Steel saga and the two Crossbell titles, Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure.

To give each game a rating, simply click on the star icon next to its name and add your score. These ratings will count towards the aforementioned list article, which we'll hopefully be publishing in the near future.

So, rate the Trails games for yourself, and then tell us all about your favourites in the comments section below.