Was The Game Awards 2023 the Best Show Yet? Poll

Another yearly instalment of The Game Awards has been and gone, handing out recognition to some fantastic titles and announcing promising new ones alongside them. You'll find a full list of All The Game Awards 2023 Winners and What Was Announced at The Game Awards 2023 through the two links, so once you've caught up, it's time to share what you thought of the show.

The big headline announcements of the night were God of War Ragnarok DLC Valhalla, a PS5 release date for Rise of the Ronin, and two Final Fantasy XVI expansions. Other reveals included Exodus, multiple SEGA games like Jet Set Radio and Streets of Rage, and Visions of Mana. The final announcement of the night was Monster Hunter Wilds, arriving in 2025.

With the show now over and done with, what did you think of the proceedings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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