The Last of Us Episode 9

And that's it: after nine weeks of episodes, HBO's TV adaptation of The Last of Us has concluded its retelling of the PS3 game. A lot like the previous eight episodes, the finale remains faithful in many places but then deviates in others. We're sure fans will have their opinions on the way Joel and Ellie are captured by the Fireflies in the TV show compared to the game, while the opening handful of minutes focus on how Ellie has become immune to the Cordyceps outbreak.

However, the final episode concludes in the same way the game does. As Joel lies about what happened at the hospital, Ellie simply replies: "Okay." Then it's a cut to credits, with a second season promised for the future.

In the Poll and comments section below, we want you to post your thoughts on the season finale of The Last of Us' first TV season. What did you love? Was there anything you disliked? What do you think could have been done better? Share everything you have to say down below.

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