Final Fantasy 16 Push Square

You might already be sold on Final Fantasy XVI, but Sony and Square Enix still felt it necessary to put on a State of Play livestream all about the PS5 RPG. With a roughly half-an-hour deep dive into combat, exploration, and more the focus of the show, no other games were included in the event.

Final Fantasy fans will have tuned in for more news surrounding the June 2023 game, though, so we want to know what your thoughts were on the State of Play. Does the combat still look fast and flashy? Do you like the look of exploration in towns and outside of them? And what about those Eikons? Place a vote in our new poll and then share your full reaction in the comments below.

How would you rate the Final Fantasy XVI State of Play livestream? (2,052 votes)

  1. Excellent57%
  2. Very good23%
  3. Good8%
  4. Okay7%
  5. Poor2%
  6. Very poor  0.6%
  7. Terrible2%