The Last of Us Episode 4

After massively deviating from the original story of The Last of Us (in a very good way) during episode three, HBO's TV adaptation of the classic PlayStation game returns to what fans have known and loved for a decade. Episode four, titled Please Hold on to My Hand, brings to life the ambush scene where Joel and Ellie are assaulted and stripped of their car.

What follows is a few intense gunfights, with both characters involved. However, the episode still makes room for some light-hearted jokes from Ellie, which are pulled directly from the game. It then concludes with the quick introduction of Henry and Sam, hinting at what's come in episode five if you've played The Last of Us.

What did you think of this week's episode, though? Did you enjoy the return to what's been established by the game, or do you now want more deviations from the source text? Place a vote in our poll below and share your full thoughts in the comments section.

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