Elden Ring Poll

Alright everyone, it's time to talk about Elden Ring again. Or, more specifically, how we're all doing inside of FromSoftware's latest dark fantasy RPG. Surprise, surprise, the game's pretty bloody hard. It's also pretty bloody huge, sporting a surprisingly massive open world that's absolutely stuffed with secrets.

Elden Ring's been out for just under a week, so we're not expecting many of you to have finished it, but we think it would be interesting to see where everyone's at.

So, how far into Elden Ring are you? Are you making good progress? Or are you getting stonewalled at what feels like every turn? If you're struggling, be sure to check out our gigantic Elden Ring guide, before voting in our polls, and then giving us a status report in the comments section below.

How far into Elden Ring are you?
How many bosses have you defeated in Elden Ring?