Dead Space Buy Poll

Dead Space has returned! The beloved sci-fi horror title, which first released on the PS3 over 14 years ago, has been remade on PS5 from the ground up. It's an incredibly faithful revival, retaining the original game's story, tone, and core gameplay — but that's arguably what fans have been pining for all along.

We gave the remake a great 8/10 in our Dead Space PS5 review. We concluded: "It's still a great game to play in 2023, and new quests and mechanics provide more than enough reason to go back to a survival horror classic."

But have you picked up a copy of Dead Space now that it's here? As always, let us know in our polls, and then try not to lose your mind to the necromorphs in the comments section below.

Did you buy the Dead Space remake?
Did you play the original Dead Space?