Sonic Frontiers Buy Poll

Sonic Frontiers is here, and it's actually...pretty good? Well, that's what our own Sonic Frontiers PS5 review says, and it's currently sitting at a respectable 73 on Metacritic — which, let's be honest, is fairly high for a modern Sonic title. You could argue that the Blue Blur is back, then, but have the review scores been enough to talk you into buying a copy?

Of course, from SEGA's point of view, it doesn't help that Frontiers is just a day out from God of War Ragnarok. We're sure that a lot of PlayStation owners will have planned ahead for a 50-hour journey into Norse mythology, and that doesn't leave much room for Sonic's latest.

But enough about the situation that surrounds it — we want to know if you grabbed a copy of Sonic Frontiers. Vote in our polls, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

Did you buy Sonic Frontiers?
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