Red Dead Redemption PS4 Poll
Image: Push Square

Out now on PS4 (and PS5 via backwards compatibility, of course), Red Dead Redemption rides again. Rockstar's open world western was a game that helped define the PS3 generation, and 13 years later, it's still held in extremely high regard. It is nice, then, to see such a classic finally be unshackled from last-last-gen hardware — although based on what we've played of it so far, it's certainly not the remaster that Red Dead Redemption deserves.

Before its release, we polled Push Square readers on their opinions of this PS4 port — and the results weren't pretty. The majority of users said that there was simply "no chance" of them buying it — but we want to know if the tables have turned now that the remaster is actually upon us.

So, will you be playing the PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption? Vote in our polls, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

Did you buy Red Dead Redemption's PS4 version? (3,516 votes)

  1. Yes, I bought it8%
  2. Not yet, but I plan on buying it6%
  3. Nah, I'll wait for a sale39%
  4. No, I'm not interested47%

What do you think of Red Dead Redemption's $50 / £40 price tag on PS4? (3,308 votes)

  1. It's a fair price2%
  2. It's a little steep, but the game's worth it8%
  3. It's expensive for sure15%
  4. It's way too much23%
  5. It's a joke52%