Crisis Core Buy Poll

An impressive remaster of a PSP spinoff from 2007, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is out today on PS5 and PS4. Square Enix will tell you that this isn't a remake, but in truth, much of Zack Fair's updated adventure has been remade — just not in a completely new form, as is the case with something like Final Fantasy VII Remake. Its environmental assets are new, its character models are new, its voice acting is new...but yeah, at its, er, core, it's the same action RPG from over a decade ago.

We enjoyed playing Crisis Core again, even if it's still really awkward at times. Our 7/10 review concludes: "For all of its angsty melodrama, the story of Zack Fair is an endearingly daft tale that only adds to the world of Final Fantasy VII. It's hard not to enjoy the blatant fan service and completely over-the-top cinematics, while the overhauled combat system is infinitely better than it once was. A worthy second chance."

But as always, we want to know if you've picked up a copy. Vote in our polls, and then remember to bring your Buster Sword to the comments section below.

Did you buy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion?
Did you play the original Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII?