Battlefield 2042 Poll

'Tis the season for first-person shooters, and EA's back with another Battlefield this year. Battlefield 2042 has divided opinion during its pre-launch phase, both with critics and consumers. There's a general sense that 2042 has been rushed to market, but EA and developer DICE have promised long-term support.

The game's shoddy state is something that we highlighted in our 6/10 Battlefield 2042 PS5 review. "Battlefield 2042 is disjointed and incomplete at launch, but it's impossible to deny it still has that magic spark that made past entries thrive," we concluded.

There's clearly potential in Battlefield 2042, but it might be a while until it's realised. Has that stopped you from buying a copy, though? As always, vote in our polls, and then give us a sitrep in the comments section below.

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