PS Portal Poll
Image: Push Square

Sony's dedicated remote play device, the PlayStation Portal — or PS Portal for short — is out now. The handheld system is designed to be a second screen for your PS5, which operates via an internet connection. It's fair to say that the Portal won't appeal to everyone, but for those who want to continue playing their PS5 games when the TV's in use, it could be a thoughtful purchase.

For what it's worth, we really like the slick-looking device. Our PS Portal hardware review reads: "If the Portal's sole objective is to improve the Remote Play experience, that's exactly what it does. It feels fantastic in the hand, the LCD screen looks brilliant, and with a stable connection, Remote Play is no longer the lesser experience that it used to be." We concluded: "For some, it'll be the perfect companion to the PS5."

But as always, we want to know if you've picked up a PS Portal. So get voting in our polls, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

Did you buy a PS Portal? (4,852 votes)

  1. Yes, I had one pre-ordered24%
  2. Yeah, I bought one4%
  3. Not yet, but I plan on buying one16%
  4. Nah, I'm undecided13%
  5. Nope, and I probably won't be buying one19%
  6. No, the PS Portal just isn't for me25%

How often do you use remote play with your PS5? (3,561 votes)

  1. I use remote play a lot9%
  2. I use it fairly regularly10%
  3. Eh, every now and then14%
  4. I rarely use it23%
  5. I've never used remote play44%