Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2023 - Results Revealed Feature 1

Another year has come to an end, so now it's time to look back and evaluate arguably the most important Push Square feature of the 12 months: the PS5, PS4 predictions we made back in January. The Push Square editorial team set three predictions in stone, and now we get to see if any of them came true. Last year's winner was assistant editor Robert Ramsey with two out of three correct guesses, but can he turn that winning feeling into a streak? Let's find out.

Sammy Barker, Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2023 - Results Revealed Feature 2

"I believe 2023 will be PS5's biggest year in terms of hardware sales by a comfortable margin."

Sony had a very, very successful year when it came to console sales, so Sammy takes a point here with ease. The firm has consistently topped the hardware charts in many major territories, putting it on course to beat the PS4's total sales come the end of the generation.

"For as undeniably excited as I am for the hardware, I think PSVR2's going to have a tough first year."

That's a second easy point for Mr. Barker. Calling PSVR2's first year on the market "tough" would actually probably be an understatement, as the headset hasn't sold much and noteworthy games are few and far between.

"Improvements will be made to PS Plus Premium."

Sammy is stopped short of having a full sweep by unsuccessfully pinning his hopes on PS Plus Premium getting much better. He expected a "competent selection of well-emulated PS1 and PSP games", and we don't think we're quite there yet. No points are awarded here.

2/3 points

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2023 - Results Revealed Feature 3

"Sony has a quiet 2023 in terms of game releases."

Besides Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Liam was right in thinking Sony would have little to shout about on the games front in 2023. The only other things PlayStation Studios could call its own were Horizon Call of the Mountain and new God of War Ragnarok DLC Valhalla. Compared to a normal year for first-party output, that's pretty poor. Liam earns his point here.

"The Last of Us Multiplayer doesn't release this year."

Not only did The Last of Us Multiplayer not release this year, but now it's not coming out at all. Naughty Dog has cancelled the project entirely as it doubles down on single player experiences. A sad point for Liam to earn as he was very excited for this online title.

"Resident Evil 4 wins Push Square Game of the Year for 2023."

He made it happen for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Village, but unfortunately, Liam's powers couldn't get Resident Evil 4 over the line and win the site's Game of the Year award. It's been a very strong year for game releases, and you'll find out what our actual Game of the Year is on New Year's Day. No point here.

2/3 points

Robert Ramsey, Assistant Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2023 - Results Revealed Feature 4

"Capcom will announce a new Monster Hunter game for PS5."

The Japanese firm left it very late, but Capcom did indeed announce a new Monster Hunter game for PS5 at The Game Awards: Monster Hunter Wilds. It's not coming out until 2025, but Robert didn't mention a release date in his prediction. The point is awarded.

"Sony will host a colossal PS5 showcase about halfway through the year, essentially relaunching the console."

Oh Robert, if only you could have seen what this year's PlayStation Showcase actually turned out to be. Live streamed in May (so you at least got that bit right), Sony focused on the live-service games it has in development rather than single player projects. We suppose it was "colossal"... for all the wrong reasons. We're going to award half a point here; we're feeling kind.

"Persona 6 will be announced, but not revealed."

Unfortunately for Atlus fans, Persona 6 has still not been announced. Instead, you got Persona 5 Tactica, Persona 3 Reload, and a fresh look at Metaphor: ReFantazio. There's no number six there, so no point is awarded.

1.5/3 points

Stephen Tailby, Assistant Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2023 - Results Revealed Feature 5

"Sony's rumoured live service reboot of Twisted Metal is officially announced, and it'll launch close to its TV adaptation."

The TV adaptation of Twisted Metal came and went without any mention of the live-service game that was once heavily rumoured to be in development. In fact, a second season of the TV series has been announced since and we still don't know if this game is actually a thing or not. It seemed like a surefire thing a year ago, but after a year lacking any rumours or official news, can we confidently say a Twisted Metal game is in development anymore? No point.

"The Microsoft / Activision Blizzard saga will rage on for another year."

The storyline between the two companies most certainly did go on for another year, but the deal did eventually close and see Microsoft acquire Activision. We're awarding a point here because fanboys on both sides are still pretty annoying about it.

"Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will feature GTA 5-esque character swapping between Peter, Miles, and Venom."

So, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 did feature a seamless character-swapping mechanic, but it was only between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. You're not able to switch to playing as Venom whenever you like. Because of that, we're awarding half a point to Stephen.

1.5/3 points

Aaron Bayne, Video Producer

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2023 - Results Revealed Feature 6

"Sony will announce the comeback of a beloved series."

Sony would need to announce new single player games in 2023 for this prediction to come true. Instead, you got Concord and Fairgame$. Unfortunately, no new beloved franchises made a comeback and so a point is not awarded here.

"The Last of Us Factions will be Sony's most exciting project in 2023."

Maybe if Aaron had put "to be cancelled" on the end of his prediction, he'd be getting a point here. The Last of Us Multiplayer is no more, so no point here.

"Developers are going to fully utilise the PS5 as they ditch PS4."

Of course Aaron ends us on a prediction that's difficult to judge. PS4 versions of PS5 games are still very much a thing — and will continue to be in 2024 — but with the likes of the Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 showcasing incredibly swift fast travel, it does feel like the PS5 is being utilised a bit more than last year. PS4 still hasn't been ditched, though, so we can only half a point here.

0.5/3 points

That means we have a two-way tie between Sammy and Liam! Both earned two points out of a possible three for their PS5, PS4 predictions. Both will receive a round of applause in the next Huddle in our Slack channel.

Look out for our 2024 predictions in the new year, but until then, congratulate everyone on at least getting half a point in the comments below.