Happy New Year from the Push Square Team 1
Image: Push Square

Welcome to 2024! The time for ponderous Christmas reflection is over, as we reset ahead of what looks to be another action-packed year. The coming months are especially outrageous for PS5: January alone will play host to the likes of Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – two titles which are looking utterly essential, and will likely be Game of the Year contenders come the end of December.

For us on Push Square, the past 12 months were a year of adjustment. We’re dealing with a different kind of Sony these days – a company that’s increasingly secretive and honestly makes our work as a fansite that little bit harder to fulfil. But the PS5 ended the year on fire, and there are now 50 million owners of the console – our goal, as ever, is to reach them all.

There were frustrating moments in 2023: the Activision Blizzard courtroom drama, the unprecedented number of layoffs, and the disappointing PS Showcase. If we have one singular aim on Push Square in 2024, it’s to be more celebratory; the negative stories will still exist, of course, and we’ll still criticise when we need to – but there’s so much positive to talk about, we want to do a better job highlighting all of the good in our wonderful hobby.

Let’s make 2024 one of positivity, because ultimately, we’re all here to celebrate a platform we collectively love. Here’s to another great year of gaming!