Our individual Game of the Year articles allow our lovely team of writers to share their own personal PS5 and PS4 picks for 2023. Today, it's the turn of news reporter and reviewer Khayl Adam.

5. Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is the most recent game on this list, and I'm still digesting it, but it's such an exciting step forward for developer Owlcat Games. For my money, the studio is still a distant second to Larian Studios when it comes to the CRPG space. But Rogue Trader demonstrates the lessons Owlcat learned developing its Pathfinder series and delivers. A well-written, meaty 40k RPG, and the first game to do its grimdark setting justice.

4. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes the current Souls-Like meta in a new direction, instead focusing on arcade action and playing with some of the now rote mechanics the subgenre is known for. Team Ninja takes combat to new heights, highlighting just how far the storied studio has come since even the early days of Nioh.

3. Lies of P

Lies of P

I'd been anticipating Lies of P, but I never expected it to receive the reception it did. The Pinnochio shtick seemed like a gimmick, but Neowiz Games took the concept and ran wild with it, crafting a familiar combat system in a novel setting. It ends on a compelling note, and as FromSoftware seemingly has no interest in revisiting Bloodborne, it scratched that specific gothic itch, and I'll be eagerly awaiting what comes next.

2. Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent was my biggest surprise this year. I had high hopes, and it exceeded them, kicking off an entire series-long rewatch alongside its excellent campaign, which manages to make real-time tactics genuinely terrifying. The constant tension and exceptional sound design make it an exhilarating ride from front to back, and I'd recommend it to any fan of the IP.

1. Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 isn't just the best game I played this year; it's the best I've played in a lifetime of gaming, even unseating its legendary predecessor in my mind. More than breaking through to the mainstream or being an innovative RPG, Baldur's Gate 3's most incredible legacy is the benchmark it sets, one other developers will be chasing for years to come... fertile ground in which delicious roleplaying fruit might flower.

What do you think of Khayl's personal Game of the Year picks? Feel free to agree wholeheartedly, or berate relentlessly in the comments section below.