Our Game of the Year coverage continues with the Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2022, of which a top four has been put together by the Push Square editorial team. This category crowns the best PS5, PS4 titles of the role-playing genre. At the end, we will list a few honourable mentions.

Bronze Trophy: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Best PS5, PS5 RPG 2

Square Enix faithfully remasters PSP spin-off Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the modern audience off the back of Final Fantasy VII Remake, allowing newcomers to learn about Zack and co. Thanks to some neat gameplay updates, the game controls better than ever both in and out of combat. It still has some absurd storylines and bonkers dialogue, but that's all part of the charm at this point. While we wait for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to hit on PS5, it's more than setting aside 20 or so hours to experience what Square Enix got up to on Sony's first portable system.

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Silver Trophy: Horizon Forbidden West

Best PS5, PS5 RPG 3

The Guerrilla Games joint is one of those titles that straddles a lot of different, doing just enough to be considered a member of them all. With a decent amount of character customisation, engaging side quests to complete, and a simple dialogue system, Horizon Forbidden West is an enjoyable RPG you could sink tons of hours into. Exploring the vast open world and learning more about its population through optional activities that expand on the main narrative, the PS5, PS4 sequel is an experience more than worth committing the time to.

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Gold Trophy: Trails from Zero

Best PS5, PS5 RPG 4

There's nothing quite like a Falcom RPG, and Trails from Zero is arguably one of the Japanese developer's best. By focusing exclusively on the technologically advanced city of Crossbell and the people who inhabit it, the game knits a tight story packed with memorable characters — while also contributing greatly to the overall world-building of the franchise. Throw in a rock-solid turn-based battle system, and you've got a superb role-playing adventure.

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Platinum Trophy: Elden Ring

Best PS5, PS5 RPG 5

Elden Ring doesn't have the easiest story to follow. It can't boast of meaningful dialogue options. And its side quests can be so vague you'd need an online walkthrough to even know where to start some of them. Why is Elden Ring the best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2022, then? Because of quite literally everything else. With an unfathomable sense of freedom, a ridiculously long list of build options, and characters as interesting as they are mysterious, the FromSoftware epic is the definition of role-playing this year. An outstanding achievement that many an RPG will be borrowing from for years to come. Elden Ring sets the new standard.

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Honourable mentions: Soul Hackers 2, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, and Valkyrie Elysium.

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What was your favourite PS5, PS4 RPG of 2022?