Game of the Year: #4 - Trails from Zero 1
Image: Push Square

Originally a PSP game from 2010, Trails from Zero was finally localised outside of Japan earlier this year. Thanks to the increasing popularity of the Trails of Cold Steel games, publisher NIS America felt like the time was right to introduce Western fans to one of the most beloved instalments in Falcom's long-running franchise — and it didn't disappoint.

This is a PS4 remaster of a classic JRPG. In typical Falcom fashion, its strength lies in its charming cast of characters and engrossing world building. The city-state of Crossbell is your playground across this 50 hour adventure, as the newly-formed Special Support Section attempts to uncover the corruption that's eating away at their new home.

It's a twisting and turning plot that's as much about introducing you to Zero's setting and cast as it is putting you on the, er, trail of the bad guys. The game's slow opening chapters may not be to everyone's taste, but the methodical pacing pays off massively as the story progresses, culminating in a gripping finale.

With direct sequel Trails to Azure due out in 2023, we can't recommend Trails from Zero enough. JRPG fans simply shouldn't miss out on what is a top-notch example of the genre — and one of the best-realised titles in the Falcom catalogue.

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