8 PS5, PS4 Predictions for The Game Awards 2022 Feature 1

It's that time of the year again: Geoff Keighley is taking to The Game Awards stage to crown the best games of this year and provide a look to the future with new reveals and announcements. As is also tradition, we are here to share a couple of PS5, PS4 predictions based on what we think will happen.

Each member of the editorial team has come up with two predictions, and there are no limits this time. They could keep them realistic, or take the outlandish route. So, without further ado, these are all our PS5, PS4 predictions for The Game Awards 2022.

Sammy Barker, Editor

8 PS5, PS4 Predictions for The Game Awards 2022 Feature 2
  • Death Stranding 2’s Teaser Trailer Debuts. Geoff Keighley and Hideo Kojima’s bromance may be one-sided, but there’s no doubt the Metal Gear man knows the value of events like The Game Awards. For a few weeks it felt like Kojima Productions was teasing some kind of announcement, confirming that actresses like Elle Fanning will appear in its next project. While it’s still unclear, it’s highly likely this is Death Stranding 2. I think it’ll get a short teaser trailer during the show.
  • Horizon Forbidden West Goes Home Empty-Handed. Forever the bridesmaid, never the bride. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Horizon Forbidden West, and I don’t subscribe to this emerging narrative that it’s somehow a major disappointment. However, despite attracting an impressive seven nominations, I feel like Aloy will unfortunately get zero gongs. Of course, the nominations alone are an outstanding achievement, so developer Guerrilla shouldn’t be disheartened. Should my prediction come true, however, this will mark the second time the Dutch developer has been pipped at the post by generation-defining releases.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

8 PS5, PS4 Predictions for The Game Awards 2022 Feature 3
  • Tekken 8 Goes Big. We already know that Bandai Namco's recently revealed fighter will be at Geoff's show, but I think (well, hope) that we're actually getting more than we bargained for. Several characters will be confirmed, we'll get our first look a real gameplay, and we'll be treated to a release window — even if said window is just a vague '2023'. It's going to be a potentially huge year for fighting games, and I can't see Bamco letting Street Fighter 6 have all the fun.
  • It's Finally Time for Dragon's Dogma 2. Do I actually think this is going to happen? I...don't know. But if I have to will a trailer into existence, I'll damn well do it. Apparently, Dragon's Dogma 2, despite its meagre announcement stream earlier in the year, has been in development for quite a while now — and its full reveal is going to need a big stage. It feels like 2023 is the year in which Capcom goes all-out, and while I'm not convinced that Dragon's Dogma 2 will actually release next year, I do think the Japanese publisher will want to remind everyone that it's going to be a significant part of its plans.

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

8 PS5, PS4 Predictions for The Game Awards 2022 Feature 4
  • Josef Fares Returns. Arguably one of the most iconic moments in Game Awards history is Geoff's interview with flamboyant game director, Josef Fares. The man, head of his co-op focused studio Hazelight, gave the camera the finger and said "F*** the Oscars" during a chat intended to promote his game A Way Out. He came back a couple of years later with an impassioned speech when follow-up It Takes Two won Game of the Year. Before then, though, Fares had already started talking about his next title, saying it would blow people away. I feel like the guy must be fairly close to announcing his new game, especially after he tweeted a behind-the-scenes shot of himself and two actors in mocap suits. The Game Awards feels like a good time to tease the new game, not least because Geoff knows he'll get some sort of gold from Fares no matter what.
  • It's Time for Ridge Racer. To be completely honest, this is just something I want more than it is a prediction. If I put it out into the universe, maybe it'll manifest? Surely Bandai Namco has been thinking about it. There hasn't been a proper Ridge Racer in about a decade, the arcade racing genre is running pretty dry, and fans around the world are just waiting to hand over some cash. Come on, imagine how good it would be. A proper new Ridge Racer on PS5? It would look absolutely stunning. It would have brilliantly upbeat music. It would have robust online, and Bamco could keep things rolling with regular updates. It's a long shot, of course, but man, it would be so great. You know who to thank if it happens.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

8 PS5, PS4 Predictions for The Game Awards 2022 Feature 5
  • Sony Doesn't Make Any Announcements. I'm sorry to be the party pooper, but outside of awards speeches and a few PlayStation adverts, I don't think we hear anything from Sony in terms of game reveals. After a year devoid of a PlayStation Showcase, I don't see much point in Sony giving The Game Awards any meaningful news when it could just put on its own show in the new year. While the company did give Geoff The Last of Us: Part I announcement earlier in the year, the PS5 remake was out just over a month later. And with Sony's games done for 2022, I think it will hang on to any news it has for a showcase of its own.
  • We Will Hear from Konami. In contrast to Sony, I reckon Konami will want to capitalize on the goodwill generated by its Silent Hill Transmission with more news. I'm not sure whether the reveals will pertain to the survival horror series, but I think the publisher will be there in some capacity. With rumours of Metal Gear Solid remakes and remasters as well as a Castlevania revival, there's a lot the company could do at the show.

What do you make of our predictions? Do you think many of them have a good chance of coming true? Post your own PS5, PS4 predictions in the comments below.