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The year of our lord (Jim Ryan) 2023 is over. Forget it. It's in the past, and it's time to move on. We must look to the future, at all the wild and wonderful gaming to come in 2024. It's impossible to know exactly what this new year will bring, but we're going to give it a darn good try anyway, because it's tradition, and it's funny when we get it wrong. So, let's make some predictions, yeah? We can play our predictions safe, or go for the longest of long shots — it's all fair game. With precious I-was-right points at stake, let's all go through what we think PS5 and PS4 are in for in 2024.

Sammy Barker, Editor

18 PS5 Predictions for 2024 2

Kingdom Hearts helps Disney overcome the darkness at D23.

Disney’s centenary year was a bit of a disaster, with numerous Box Office flops and very little for fans to look forward to on the horizon. It’s banking on this year’s D23 Expo, then, to rejuvenate interest – and I’m betting Kingdom Hearts 4 will do some of the heavy lifting. We already know Square Enix is deep into development on the anticipated sequel, and by the time August rolls around, it’ll have long fulfilled its marketing commitments to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth et al. I’m betting on a feature length trailer, showcasing some of the Disney worlds we can expect to explore in the final product – oh, and while this game’s expected on multiple platforms, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Sony locked it down as a timed console exclusive.

Zenless Zone Zero completes the holy gacha trifecta on PS5.

HoYoverse has gotten so big over the past few years that its games have started to compete with themselves. The enormous Chinese developer doesn’t look like it’s willing to relinquish its grip on the AAA gacha market, however, and will have another huge hit in 2024 in Zenless Zone Zero. While it’s currently only announced for “consoles”, I expect Sony will secure timed PS5 console exclusivity to this title, as it’s also done with Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. The release’s roguelite gameplay received a mixed response during its recent beta, but with its urban setting, attractive art style, and slick soundtrack, I’m expecting this to be another huge free-to-play hit.

Stellar Blade becomes a cult PS5 classic.

Shift Up will make its console debut in 2024 with the release of Stellar Blade, a game Sony has so much faith in it’s signed on as publisher and will help bring the action-adventure title to market. The South Korean developer has something of a scandalous reputation, and its only other notable title is the titillating smartphone shooter Goddess of Victory: Nikke, which hides a surprisingly dense narrative behind its obsessively animated asses. Consequently, I think the critical reception to this title may be lukewarm at best, but I’m expecting fans to rally around it and for it to ultimately achieve cult status among PlayStation enthusiasts.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

18 PS5 Predictions for 2024 3

Sony redeems itself with the best PlayStation Showcase in years.

I desperately hope the executives running PlayStation don't pay attention to the forums and Twitter threads spelling the company's downfall following last year's PlayStation Showcase, but I imagine the negative reaction must have gotten through to a few of them. As such, Sony will see this year's big digital event as a chance to redeem itself. Predominantly focusing on new single player games, there'll be multiple titles out of PlayStation Studios announced. I'll throw projects from Bluepoint Games and Suckerpunch Productions out there to nail my prediction down to something. You'll still see Concord as it's slated for 2024, but overall, the reception to this year's PlayStation Showcase will be a lot more positive.

Silent Hill 2 releases this year, and it's better than expected.

It seems strange for one of the best survival horror games of all time to occupy a position where it could launch "better than expected", but that's the reputation Bloober Team has at the moment. However, while its past projects have left a lot to be desired, I'd like to think Konami has kept the Polish team on a pretty tight leash, and so it has not changed too much of what made the PS2 classic so special. There's definitely going to be something that hardcore fans are furious about — perhaps a drastic change or additional content that doesn't work — but as a whole, the Silent Hill 2 remake will be remembered as one of 2024's best.

Naughty Dog announces one of its new single player projects.

Off the back of the disappointment surrounding the cancellation of The Last of Us Multiplayer, I think Naughty Dog will want to give fans something more positive to occupy their minds: one of the studio's new single player games. At some point this year, we'll be treated to a brief teaser that reveals the name, general setting, and vibes of the title. It'll be one of those trailers where the Naughty Dog logo is the big surprise right at the end because you wouldn't be able to guess based on the footage. If the trailer debuts at the very end of the year — at The Game Awards, for example — I think we get a 2026 release window.

Robert Ramsey, Assistant Editor

18 PS5 Predictions for 2024 4

Sony will release a new game from a classic PlayStation property.

Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I've got this feeling in my gut that Sony will pull a few surprises in 2024 — and one of them will be the revival of a classic PlayStation property that's been left dormant for years. I'm not saying this project will be some massive AAA remake or a full-blown, big budget sequel, but it will make us hardcore fans sit up and take notice. As for what this mystery game will actually be... I have no idea.

Tekken 8 will get a DLC guest character from Final Fantasy.

Tekken 8 doesn't have any guest characters in its base roster, but you can bet your arse Bandai Namco will have one or two lined up for the game's post-launch DLC schedule. And since Final Fantasy 15's Noctis played a part in Tekken 7, I'm willing to bet that history will repeat itself — especially with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth being one of the most high profile releases of the year. Now look, Tifa is the obvious candidate here — and fans would absolutely lose their minds if it finally happened — but I could also envision someone like Clive, from Final Fantasy 16, getting the nod. This is really more of an educated guess than a crazy prediction, isn't it?

Baldur's Gate 3's inevitable expansion will be the highest rated release of 2024 (on Metacritic).

Baldur's Gate 3 was the greatest gaming revelation of 2023 for many, and there's just no way Larian Studios, currently swimming in Game of the Year awards and likely obscene profit margins, doesn't follow up its biggest ever release with a proper expansion (or two). I'm betting one of these additional adventures will launch at some point over the next 11 and a half months, and it'll be so bloody good that, by the end of the year, it'll command the highest Metacritic score of any video game released in 2024. For extra points, I'm predicting that it'll land on an eye-popping 95.

Stephen Tailby, Assistant Editor

18 PS5 Predictions for 2024 5

Third-party hits will carry Sony through a quiet year for PlayStation Studios.

It's well-documented that the platform holder has been keeping its cards very close to its chest the last few years. At the time of writing, the only confirmed first-party game from Sony's teams is Marvel's Wolverine, which may or may not make it out at the tail end of 2024. While we have second-party releases Helldivers 2 and Rise of the Ronin arriving in February, I think the rest of the calendar will be largely devoid of games from PlayStation Studios, and instead we'll be surviving on the many excellent titles coming from other sources. I hope Sony opens up a little this year and lets us in on what it has cooking, but I think it won't be launching much of its own software this year. That being said...

Sony will announce and release at least one PlayStation Studios PSVR2 game in 2024.

I think one of the few games flying the first-party banner this year will be a PSVR2 title. The hardware had a decent first year, but in addition to third party efforts, Sony needs to keep things ticking over with some support from its internal teams. Perhaps 2024 will see the arrival of Team Asobi's next Astro Bot game, for example — I could definitely see that championing PSVR2 and its Sense controllers.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League won't be the complete disaster many have decided it will be.

Now, don't get me wrong — I'm not saying this will be an unprecedented success. I just think enthusiasts have elected to believe this will be terrible, partly because it's not really the game Arkham fans wanted. That, to me, doesn't mean it'll be a complete fiasco. Rocksteady Studios has a great track record, and clearly a lot of love for DC's heroes and villains. I think the game will have its shortcomings, yes, but there will be redeeming qualities that mean it'll fare reasonably well in reviews, and even better in the eyes of its players. It might not be great, but I think it could be good.

Aaron Bayne, Video Producer

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2024 is the year of new IP.

The last handful of years have been excellent showcases of ongoing franchises for Sony. From Horizon to God of War and Spider-Man, there hasn’t been much new out for PlayStation players. 2024 as it stands is missing the big IP release, which isn’t a disaster because I think Sony will use this opportunity to launch one of its new IPs. A lot of our current PlayStation big hitters are franchises that made their debut during the PS4 era, so I think it’s about time we start looking to the future with some new IP. There will undoubtedly be one placeholder Sony icon chucked in there, but I’d love to see the next wave of PlayStation stars.

PS5 Pro will be announced and launched this year.

It seems inevitable at this point, but I think we’ll see the announcement (and potentially the launch) of the PS5 Pro in 2024. It’s been rumoured and discussed for a long time, but looking back on the PS4 life cycle and when the PS4 Pro launched, 2024 sort of lines up. We’re roughly around the assumed half-way point of the PS5’s life span, and now that major developers are beginning to move away from PS4, we’re able to push things even further with PS5 technology. Rumours suggest the Pro will come with its own version of DLSS, so we’ll see if that’s enough to warrant the upgrade when it comes.

2024 will be a quietly decent year for PSVR2.

This really is a gamble. PSVR2’s first year was a mixed bag, with brilliant tech and some truly stellar games, but outside a handful of platform exclusives, 2023 didn’t give us too many reasons to choose PSVR2 over others like the Meta Quest 3. Heading into its sophomore year, we really don’t know much of what’s in store for PSVR2, but I’m remaining optimistic that Sony will keep plugging away with some decent VR games. I’m hoping for maybe another big exclusive, some hallmark remasters like SUPERHOT, and a decent number of cool third party titles. I don’t think it’s going to be a year to scream about, but I hope Sony is committed to the long game to secure PSVR2’s future.

Khayl Adam, News Reporter

18 PS5 Predictions for 2024 7
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Baldur's Gate 3 gets a proper expansion, announced and released in 2024.

It's incredible how well Baldur's Gate 3 has managed to stay in the gaming zeitgeist, considering it was released more than six months ago. And yet, still, rabid fans clamour for more. Larian Studios appears to be a fairly well-oiled machine at this point, proof of this being the insane speed with which it deploys patches and how expansive each one is. There is time for both an announcement and a release in 2024, a properly meaty expansion in the old style. Maybe a bit bullish, but Blood and Wine was released only a year after The Witcher 3, and I want to believe!

PlayStation Portal turns out to be a surprising success story for Sony.

The PlayStation Portal definitely seemed like a bit of a dud at the outset, but nevertheless, it has managed to make itself an invaluable part of many players' arsenals. I think that as the year goes on, the device will continue to pick up steam, buoyed perhaps by discounts and continued positive word of mouth. It's still quite tough to get, and so once supply issues start to ease, I predict Sony will announce some hard numbers, and they will be respectable. It won't be enough to make a Vita 2 happen, though.

Focus shifts back to single-player, and live service games start to go away.

Sony's bet on live service this generation, seemingly Jim Ryan's obsession, has had some successes but more failures. Nowhere was this more apparent than with Bungie and Destiny 2, and the studio's sudden fall from grace seems to have been a real wake-up call for many in the industry. The firm has already gone back on its ambitious plan to release 12 service games before 2026; I think we see a re-commitment from PlayStation's first party to traditional single-player, slowly moving away from risky live service bets and likely announcing some far safer sequels.

Prescient or pathetic? Either way, these are our predictions for PS5 and PS4 in 2024. What do you think 2024 will bring us? Gaze into your own crystal balls in the comments section below.