• News Here's How to Get into PS4 Shooter Evolve's 'Big Alpha' Test

    Beta be good

    It seems that Alpha and Beta tests are all the rage these days. Destiny arguably mastered this technique, with countless players pre-ordering the title in order to get a taste of its extra-terrestrial escapades. In truth, we reckon this is pretty good idea, as it allows any potential online functionality problems to be hashed out before...


  • E3 2014 No Fair, PS4 Players Will Have to Wait for Evolve's DLC

    This beta be worth it

    At Microsoft's official E3 press conference it was revealed that the DLC for Turtle Rock's upcoming title Evolve will launch on Xbox One first. What's more, the game's official beta will be exclusive to the console. This comes soon after the news that Sony fans will also be left in the lurch when it comes to the presumably...