• Review RiME (PS4)

    Tequila sunrise

    Republished on Wednesday 31st January 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of February's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. The release of RiME is a huge relief: Tequila Works will be pleased it's finally got the game out the door, and players will be glad...


  • Review The Invisible Hours (PS4)


    If the world is a stage and we are all players, then that means we must all simultaneously be the protagonists of our own stories, right? Look beyond the crude clichés and there’s a point to that opening sentence: The Invisible Hours exposes what it would be like to act as a fly on the wall in a house where every inhabitant has a...


  • Review The Sexy Brutale (PS4)

    Welcome to the house of fun

    The Sexy Brutale is a murder mystery puzzle game set within a casino mansion. But this isn't just any ordinary big house: the staff are murdering the guests and you must put a stop to it. You take on the role of Lafcardio Boone, a priest who is trying to piece together the happenings of the house and save its victims from...


  • Review Deadlight: Director's Cut (PS4)

    Flickers of hope

    Arriving in 2013 as part of Xbox's Summer of Arcade, Deadlight reinvigorated the zombie horror genre with its classic 2D platforming and a uniquely bleak dreary tone. With the release of its next project RIME seemingly in development hell, Tequila Works has decided to revisit its esteemed debut to bring it glossier graphics, tighter...