• Review Invisible, Inc. (PS4)


    Klei Entertainment has garnered a bit of a reputation over recent years for delivering quality games across very different genres. Whether you're stealthily murdering all comers in Mark of the Ninja or trying not to starve in, well, Don't Starve, its titles have carefully woven gameplay systems that make for enjoyably deep experiences...




  • Review Don't Starve (PlayStation 4)

    The hunger game

    Nature is beautiful. We observe it from pictures and videos from the safety of our home. We get up close to it on vacations through tour guides and hikes. And sometimes, we even interact with it by camping in the wilderness, preparing with ample supplies and experiencing only a sliver of what it must be like to rough it for real. But...


  • Review Shank (PlayStation 3)

    Clearly inspired by the catalogue of Robert Rodriguez and Streets Of Rage, Shank is a gritty yet childish beat-'em-up romp through 2D plains

    The story - which is told through a sequence of flash-backs - is merely justification for the violence; but this is a revenge tale. It's an angry, messy game set to the visual style of a children's cartoon, and...