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    Review The Lost Child

    Put the kids to bed

    The first twenty minutes or so of The Lost Child set up an intriguing mystery, but once the game settles into a comfortable rhythm things become decidedly less compelling, and at times, an outright slog. The game begins in a Tokyo subway station with an investigative journalist who specialises in the occult named Hayato looking...


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    Review God Wars: Future Past

    God loves a trier

    God Wars: Future Past is a strategy RPG developed by the makers of Natural Doctrine. Whereas Natural Doctrine attempted to do too many new and different things and ended up becoming overly complex, God Wars has taken a more traditional route and thanks to this, it definitely feels like a much more solid game. Events kick-off with...


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    Review Natural Doctrine

    Doctorate encouraged

    Most strategy games have consistent traits, from the required line of sight to turn-based attacks and environmental multipliers. Natural Doctrine takes these basics and develops them beyond recognition. This is a devilishly intelligent title that’s perhaps a little too clever, and it alienates itself somewhat as a result...


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    Review Killer Is Dead

    Crud on the moon

    Killer Is Dead is unashamedly stupid. Executive producer Goichi Suda – better known by his nickname Suda51 – has made a living out of his bonkers plots and premises, but the latest product to drop off Grasshopper Manufacture’s production line takes the nonsense of No More Heroes and kits it out in a straitjacket. This is a...