• Review It Takes Two (PS5) - An Insanely Inventive Co-Op Adventure

    Life is a rollercoaster

    Like its predecessor, It Takes Two is only playable in local or online co-op. In keeping with this theme of working together, associate editor Stephen Tailby enlisted the help of his girlfriend, Rachel, for this review. You'll hear from both of them below as they go over their thoughts on this shared experience, laid out in a...


  • Review A Way Out (PS4)

    It takes two

    In keeping with A Way Out's theme of co-operation, this review has been written by Senior Staff Writer Stephen Tailby and Reviewer Alex Stinton, and sees them discussing their joint experience. What follows is their thoughts on the game, presented in a conversational manner. Enjoy. Stephen: So, A Way Out, then. It's Josef Fares'...