• Review Fuser (PS4) - A Bold New Frontier for Rhythm Games

    A real banger

    Harmonix, through the years, has carved out a huge niche as the head of the rhythm game movement. One of, if not the only constant for music games, Harmonix has created an impressive array of revolutionary titles. Starting with Frequency and Amplitude, running through the Guitar Hero and Rock Band craze, and Audica last year, we now...



  • Review Harmonix Music VR (PS4)


    As part of the launch lineup for Sony's PlayStation VR headset, there are a wealth of games, alongside some less interactive experiences. In between each of these is Harmonix Music VR, which fits neither bracket. The package boasts several different types of experience for you to mess around with. All of them involve playing music and...


  • Review Amplitude (PS4)

    Blast from the past

    Before the musical camaraderie of Rock Band and before the introduction of plastic instruments with Guitar Hero, Harmonix was making a very different kind of rhythm game. The developer has long been a master of this genre, with a history on PlayStation stretching back to 2001 with the release of FreQuency on PS2. Its 2003...


  • Review Rock Band 4 (PS4)

    I'll be Bach

    Admit it, we've been through it: that one phase in our lives where we've picked up a guitar and even considered playing it. A couple of shaky renditions of Smoke on the Water later and it's been quickly discarded in favour of our next "thing" that for God's sake isn't just a phase, Mum. Most people have also picked up Guitar Hero or...


  • Review Green Day: Rock Band (PlayStation 3)

    There's perhaps no game quite as subjective as Green Day: Rock Band

    In all honesty, your purchasing intent should depend on one factor only: how much do you like Green Day? As a reviewer, it doesn't really get easier than this. Green Day: Rock Band is a package so firmly routed in subjectivity, that it's impossible for us to educate you as to...


  • Review LEGO Rock Band (PlayStation 3)

    LEGO Rock Band sounded ridiculous when it was announced, and playing the game has failed to convince us it's anything otherwise

    But at the same time: it's absolutely not terrible. The song listing's fine, the LEGO angle injects humour, and the Rock Band gameplay is still as stellar - if not quite as original - as ever. LEGO Rock Band is exactly what...