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    Review The Pinball Arcade

    Balls of steel

    Following in the steel ball slipstream of Zen Pinball 2, The Pinball Arcade is the second pinball title to fire its way onto the PlayStation 4. With this next-gen offering, developer Farsight Studios aims to ensure that everyone understands what made many of the classic pinball tables great, and it’s hoping to achieve that by...


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    Review The Pinball Arcade

    Balls of steel

    Zen Studios’ Zen Pinball might be the current king of the pinball ring on PSN, but experienced pinball developer FarSight Studios wants to take a shot at the high score table with The Pinball Arcade. Instead of tackling Zen Studios's arcade-y stylings head-on, FarSight's steel balls have something special that sets their title apart...


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    Review Brunswick Pro Bowling

    This is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

    When it comes to simulating sports in video games, there is always a fine line for developers to tread between realism and accessibility. Hardcore fans of a given sport can criticise games that fail to live up to the real thing, while more casual players just want to be able to jump into an...