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    Review Rainbow Skies

    Taste the Rainbow

    It’s taken six years for us to finally get our hands on the sequel to Rainbow Moon and thankfully the wait has been very much worth it. Rainbow Skies is bigger and better than its predecessor in pretty much every way. There's a much stronger narrative this time round and you can tell that a lot more effort has been poured into...


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    Review Lost Sea

    Not seaworthy

    Lost Sea is a top down indie roguelike with a unique visual style and retro sensibilities. Clearly, there is a danger for it to get lost in a sea of superior competitors. We'll be the first to admit that that joke was pretty obvious. But just because a joke is obvious, doesn't mean it isn't true. The title sees you playing as an...


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    Review Rainbow Moon

    Over the moon

    It's easy to be fooled by Rainbow Moon's light-hearted visuals; you'd be forgiven for thinking that the title bares more resemblance to some free-to-play mobile fancy, for example, than it does an 80 hour fantasy epic. However, underneath its fun-loving exterior, SideQuest Studios' popular adventure is just that and more. There's a...


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    Review Rainbow Moon

    Richer than a pot of gold

    Lore has it that leprechauns leave pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. Seeking out the end of the colourful arch will bestow vast riches upon the adventurer – the reward for a dangerous and long journey, where the goal is often hidden from sight. Similar treasures can be uncovered in the PlayStation Vita port of Rainbow...


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    Review Rainbow Moon

    A long, beautiful journey

    Witnessing a rainbow is always an awe-inspiring experience, seeing how it’s a collage of the most brilliant and beautiful colours across the spectrum. Setting foot into the world of Rainbow Moon is just as impressive an experience, not just because of the vibrant colour palette SideQuest Studios used to bring the world to...