• Review RAD - Mutant Roguelike Madness in a Dystopian Future

    The New Mutants

    Combining addictive roguelike gameplay with a rocking 80s aesthetic and an assortment of flesh altering power-ups, RAD more than lives up to its name. Throwing you into a world clinging to life after not one, but two apocalypses, your character is tasked with purifying the desolate land. By locating respirator machines, you’ll...


  • Review Gang Beasts (PS4)

    Wobble makers

    Odds are that you’ve at least heard of Gang Beasts, the multiplayer brawler from developer Boneloaf. It’s been available on PC via early access for years, not to mention its numerous appearances at gaming shows, so you may well have already played it, too. However, the game has now finally launched in full, and what great timing...




  • Review Stacking (PlayStation 3)

    Stacking is the second downloadable title from Tim Schafer's creative power-house, DoubleFine

    The last game, Costume Quest, launched around Hallowe'en to generally positive acclaim, providing a unique spin on the traditional turn-based RPG formula. Similarly to Costume Quest, Stacking works a charming concept into some traditional adventure game...


  • Review Costume Quest (PlayStation 3)

    Costume Quest is the latest initiative from Tim Schafer's innovative Double Fine studio

    Burned by the saleability of their retail releases, Double Fine's unique, quirky concepts feel right at home on the PlayStation Store. If Costume Quest is an experiment, then it definitely seems to have paid off. Double Fine's games will certainly meet much...