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    Review Super Star Wars


    One thing that Nintendo and Star Wars share as a brand is devoted loyalty from their fans, and this can partially be attributed to the immense nostalgia that gamers and film buffs feel from experiencing true excellence. On the 21st November 2015 the Japanese Super Famicom celebrated its 25th birthday, and the SNES earned its name...


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    Review Mickey's Wild Adventure

    Traveller's tenaciously timeless theatrical tales

    Every gaming generation has a few genre styles that are dominant, and in the early 1990s scrolling shmups, brawlers, and cutesy mascot platformers were the most prevalent titles on a game shop's shelves. Julian 'Jaz' Rignall was prophetic in his editorial for the February 1991 issue five of Mean...


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    Review Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition

    Infinity just got bigger

    Disney was never going to let Activision control the NFC figurine market, and so last year it delivered Disney Infinity – a family friendly title featuring themed Playsets and a LittleBigPlanet-esque Toy Box mode. Disney Infinity 2.0 improves upon many aspects of the original, as well as bringing the franchise to the...


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    Review Disney Infinity

    It's a kind of magic

    Let's start off by addressing the flying Dumbo in the room: Disney Infinity is not simply a Skylanders clone from the House of Mouse. It's pure, unadulterated Disney magic – and completely worth the arm, leg, and kidney that you're inevitably about to spend on it. Even before Pixar's seminal 1995 blockbuster Toy Story,...


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    Review Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

    The paint runs thin

    The first thing you’ll notice about Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is how sterile everything looks. Gone are the murky, almost depressing locales from the Nintendo Wii original, replaced by wholesome environments, which – at most – feature a little bit of damage here and there. In terms of grunge, this is more Bon Jovi...


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    Review Disney Universe

    When you wish upon a star

    The team at Eurocom has done a fine job crafting a surprisingly engaging objective-based adventure with Disney Universe, lifting several ideas from the LEGO games of recent years while mixing in a smattering of fresh concepts and a hearty four-player option Developer Eurocom will always have a special place in the hearts of...


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    Review Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension

    Summer lackluster

    Many licensed video games that release in the summer are based on big budget blockbusters complete with over-the-top action sequences, fully voiced dialogue and epic set pieces that strive to blur the line between movie and game. Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension is not such a game. Based on a made-for-TV Disney movie of...


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    Review Cars 2: The Video Game

    Cars 2: The Video Game is not the most ambitious of releases, but it achieves much of what it sets out to do

    The game's kart-racing fundamentals are fluid and enjoyable, especially when experienced in multiplayer. With an expansive and likable roster of characters, Cars 2: The Video Game is a decent alternative to Mario Kart, though the game's...


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    Review LEGO: Pirates Of The Caribbean

    It only takes one look at Captain Jack Sparrow sauntering into view to melt your heart

    Traveller's Tales appears to have mastered the art of transforming popular properties into thoroughly enjoyable co-operative affairs, and the developer's whimsical take on Disney's somewhat convoluted Pirates Of The Caribbean tetralogy is no different. Set across...


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    Review Tron Evolution

    Derezzed to kill

    One of the biggest surprises about the story of a video game coding whiz transported into a computer's mainframe is that after 28 years there are still not many games set in the awesome Tron universe. It started well enough with Bally Midway's 1982 coin-op, but slowed down significantly until the PC's Tron 2.0 in 2003 and Discs of...


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    Review Toy Story 3

    Heavy on fun, light on Move support

    When the first Toy Story movie came out, it completely changed the way we look at our animated films, as it was the first feature length movie completely made using computer-generated 3D animation. When the first Toy Story game came out, it didn't really change anything, delivering an uninspired platformer with...


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    Review Split/Second: Velocity

    Split/Second's a game which puts its best foot forward first

    The first few races you'll experience are among some of the most exciting moments in video games. The premise is simple - you're part of a mad futuristic game-show, in which competitors race around an ever-changing track rigged to the teeth with explosives. Ambitious driving will reward...