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    Review Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Deliver us from evil loading screens

    It doesn't feel right to describe Kingdom Come: Deliverance as an RPG – at least not by modern standards. At first glance, you'd be forgiven for comparing it to the likes of Skyrim or The Witcher. It's a first person adventure set in a vast medieval world with swords, danger, and intrigue lurking around every...


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    Review Agents of Mayhem

    Player agency

    Watching Saturday morning cartoons as kid, there was always one thing that bothered us about shows focusing on paramilitary groups such as M.A.S.K. and G.I Joe. No, it wasn’t the fact they were designed primarily to sell toys to impressionable young minds, it was the way none of the teams ever showed up en masse to foil the plans of...


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    Review Dreamfall Chapters

    Dream on

    –Dreamfall Chapters begins with protagonist Zoë Maya Castillo trapped in a coma, a predicament arguably more appealing than slogging through the interminable opening sections of this game. You're charged with wandering around a dreamscape while your physical body remains in a hospital bed, using powers that are barely explained to...


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    Review Deadlight: Director's Cut

    Flickers of hope

    Arriving in 2013 as part of Xbox's Summer of Arcade, Deadlight reinvigorated the zombie horror genre with its classic 2D platforming and a uniquely bleak dreary tone. With the release of its next project RIME seemingly in development hell, Tequila Works has decided to revisit its esteemed debut to bring it glossier graphics, tighter...

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    Review Mighty No. 9

    Mighty big shoes to fill

    From the moment that the Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9 was announced, there were enormous expectations placed upon it, and it was always going to be impossible to live up to them. The hype came from Keiji Inafune and a team of Mega Man veterans being at the helm of what appeared to be a spiritual successor to the classic...

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    Review Dead Island: Definitive Collection

    Six feet under

    Arriving as one of the more unexpected remasters of the year, Dead Island: Definitive Collection sets out to resurrect the popularity of the series in the run up to its troubled second instalment. The question is: has the series already been buried too deep for this remaster to restore its reputation? The collection certainly offers...


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    Review Homefront: The Revolution

    Viva la revolución

    The nightmare that surrounded Homefront: The Revolution's development is no secret. After being passed between two different publishers and changing its gameplay in favour of a non-linear style, the title has finally staggered its way towards the finish line after a series of setbacks. But has the extra time and attention poured...


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    Review This War of Mine: The Little Ones

    The first casualty of war is innocence

    Braving the sniper fire of Call of Duty-loving console players, anti-war-'em-up This War of Mine: The Little Ones brings the civilian side of conflict to the PlayStation 4. 11 Bit Studios has created a heart-wrenching experience of a game, one that puts you in charge of a group of adults and children stuck in a...


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    Review Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition

    Still rolling with it

    Dug up from the last-gen graveyard, the PlayStation 4 version of Risen 3: Titan Lords shares one big similarity with the unnamed hero at the heart of its own story: everyone thought that they were both dead and buried. Unfortunately the similarities end there, as only one's been resurrected to sail the high seas, in a quest to...


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    Review Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

    You got the power

    Saints Row IV is the definitive sandbox game for anyone who's a bit tired of the more serious attempts like Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, or even inFAMOUS: Second Son. It's constantly in danger of breaking the fourth wall, its storyline is absurd, and its gameplay is completely over-the-top. You're the president of the United...

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    Review Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

    Damned if you do

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell isn't actually a PlayStation 4 game. Right from the word go, the now-zany franchise's latest romp looks unashamedly last-gen, and while we all know that graphics aren't everything, even we had to check twice to make sure that we hadn't somehow lowered our television's...


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    Review Risen 3: Titan Lords

    Roll with it

    For any series to make it to a third entry is quite an achievement, especially when it’s a perennial underachiever like the Risen games. After leaning heavily into the more piratical aspects for its first sequel, developer Piranha Bytes has doubled down on this approach for Risen 3: Titan Lords, letting you once again sail the high...

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    Review Metro Redux

    A whole new world

    What do you get when you mix a Ukrainian developer, a best-selling Russian novel, two games, and the PlayStation 4? It’s not a trick question: we’re referring to Metro Redux, of course. 4A Games’ pair of previous generation escapades have been remastered and reworked for Sony’s latest system – and, in many ways, the...

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    Review Sacred 3

    Nothing is sacred

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, while not what you’d call a big success, still managed to garner quite a following among a certain set of gamers, even in spite of a few rough edges. Those that did end up sinking hour after hour into the action role playing game really appreciated its massive open world, extensive loot system, and huge...