• Review Germinator (PlayStation 3)

    Best left in the incubator

    We’ve seen our fair share of bubble-puzzle games over the last few years, each attempting to put a new spin on the genre, be it through engaging art styles or subtle but original gameplay tweaks. Germinator attempts the latter, requiring you to match up coloured germs in order to make them expand and explode, hopefully...


  • Review Mecho Wars (PlayStation Minis)

    Don't wreck-o my Mecho

    Turn-based strategy games are a natural fit for portable devices, their slow pace unhindered by the somewhat erratic schedule of playing games on the go. While the genre has spread far and wide in recent years with many games that look and play quite similarly to one another, Mecho Wars sets itself apart with unique mechanics...


  • Review Sky Fighter (PlayStation 3)

    SkyFighter's ultra-polished visuals and 40's war-time aesthetic represent the game's strongest hand

    Despite some clever stealth missions, the campaign never really hits its stride — serving up simplistic mission objectives instead of capitalising on the game's chunky combat and satisfying flight mechanics. Different aircrafts with notable...


  • Review Freekscape: Escape From Hell (PlayStation Minis)

    Freekscape: Escape From Hell is never particularly astounding, but the platforming action is solid and varied enough to keep you interested throughout the game's duration

    Hell's not a nice place. Not even if you're a demon. Take little Freek - a friendly little demon who hates the company in Hell. He wants to chill with the nice dude's in Heaven...


  • Review Wakeboarding HD (PlayStation 3)

    Wakeboarding HD is exactly what it says it is: it's Wakeboarding in HD

    Players will choose from a numerous list of events and take to the water in order to score ridiculous combos and meet a variety of objectives. For those unfamiliar, Wakeboarding is a sport in which you are placed on a board and pulled forward by a speedboat. The speed of the...


  • Review Mushroom Wars (PlayStation 3)

    Everything about Mushroom Wars is minimalistic

    The basic bubble menus, clean level design and easy to pick up controls make Mushroom Wars an RTS-lite. Unlike the punishing learning curve of most RTS games, Mushroom Wars is extremely easy to pick up. You can upgrade mushroom houses by hitting the L1 button, and distribute fungi-grunts between...


  • Review Smash Cars (PlayStation 3)

    Smash Cars is Creat Studio's latest PSN exclusive

    The game is a sequel to a cult PS2 title of the same name. In this release the developers have kept pretty much everything that made the original game fun in tact, allowing you to race RC cars across an interesting island setting. Much like Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort, the island your racing across...


  • Review Magic Ball (PlayStation 3)

    The whole concept of the game relies on excellent physics

    Gone are the static "blocks" of old Breakout games and in their place pirate ships, dragons and all sorts of buildings and barrels. Everything is affected by the contact of the ball with some power-ups causing objects to fly across the screen; the wind effect is an excellent example...