• Review Tempest 4000 (PS4)

    What's past is prologue

    Back when Atari’s attorneys rocked up on Jeff Minter’s farm and issued one of his prize llamas with a cease and desist letter, it seemed unlikely that Tempest 4000 would ever release on consoles. The eccentric industry veteran had planned on porting the PS Vita’s agonisingly underappreciated TxK to the PlayStation 4,...


  • Review Section 8: Prejudice (PlayStation 3)

    Section 8: Prejudice is potentially one of the most dense multiplayer experiences available on the PlayStation 3, which is staggering considering its budget price-point

    If you're able to ignore the bland art direction and cliche sci-fi setting, there's a lot to get out of this downloadable first-person shooter. Over the past three-or-four years...


  • Review The Undergarden (PlayStation 3)

    The Undergarden tries hard to jump aboard the zen-gaming hype train, but ultimately settles for the soulless bandwagon

    Imagine if PixelJunk Eden got steamy with thatgamecompany's flow and somehow managed to produce a throng of sprogs. One child would be good at sports, the other drawing. The third child would be the super-intelligent one, knowing...


  • Review Alone In The Dark: Inferno (PlayStation 3)

    Sometimes games come along that truly innovate but for some reason collapse under the weight of their originality

    Alone In The Dark: Inferno is one such example of brilliant ideas being released before fully developed. Alone In The Dark: Inferno is a vastly improved version of the XBOX 360 game. Improved camera and control make Inferno the...


  • Review Fahrenheit (PlayStation 2)

    Hot stuff

    Fahrenheit is a compellingly quirky Playstation 2 affair that we can guarantee plays nothing like any other game you've played. It's original, it's cinematic and while the plot takes a turn for the worse later on, remains refreshing right the way through. Playing through the tutorial to Fahrenheit gives you the instant sense that...


  • Review Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PlayStation 3)

    Playing as an elusive silent protagonist only referred to as "Rookie", you fill the shoes of the fifth Ghostbuster, learning from the best and embarking on a campaign to save Manhattan from a ruthless army of undead reapers

    Whilst we were initially concerned, playing as the fifth Ghostbuster gives you a snapshot view of the interaction between the...


  • Review The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena (PlayStation 3)

    The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena is actually a package consisting of two games; the fresh Riddick chapter Assault On Dark Athena and the earlier XBOX-cult exclusive Escape From Butcher Bay

    As it stands, that makes The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena a rather beefy package, including two complete 9-hour games and a...