• News Deadly Premonition's York Was Originally Going to Be a Girl

    Right, Zacherina?

    Since its release in 2010, Deadly Premonition has rightfully earned its title as one of the most absurd, yet insanely gripping open world horror games in history. However, the story of Agent Francis York Morgan could have been very different, as director Hidetaka 'SWERY' Suehiro and producer Tomio Kanazawa explained in a recent...

  • News Sexy Threads Heading to Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut

    Dressed to kill

    The previously announced post-release DLC for Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut will include some saucy new threads for Greenvale's favourite female cop Emily, according to series creator Hidetaka 'SWERY' Suehiro. Speaking as part of an exclusive interview with Push Square, the legendary developer revealed that the outfit was...