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Monday17th Sep 2012

  • News Sony Continuing to Support WipEout While Franchise's Future Is Decided

    As you were

    Sony will continue to support WipEout 2048, according to a post on the game’s Facebook page. The announcement follows a mysterious Tweet this afternoon that claimed the brand was still alive. “While we wait for news on the future of WipEout, online play will continue to be supported and there will be plenty of WipEout comm

  • News WipEout 2048 Community Team Tweets: "We Are Alive"


    The official WipEout 2048 Twitter account has teased that it is “alive” this afternoon, causing mass confusion amongst PlayStation fans. Regular readers will recall the sad news regarding developer Studio Liverpool’s closure earlier this year, but it seems like something is bubbling behind the scenes. Exactly what, we’re not entirely...

Tuesday19th Jun 2012

  • News New WipEout 2048 DLC Races onto PSN This Week

    Start your engines

    As suspected, Sony has announced the first batch of DLC for Vita launch title WipEout 2048. The content – which is set to release later this week on the PlayStation Store – will include new tracks, vehicles and events based on the PlayStation 3’s WipEout HD Fury. In total, two new DLC packs will be made available. The first...

Monday18th Jun 2012

  • News WipEout 2048 DLC Lingers on the Horizon

    Hairpin bend

    There’s something big around the corner, according to WipEout 2048’s official Twitter account. Developer Studio Liverpool’s keeping schtum about what that new arrival might entail, but an updated trophy list for the Vita launch title suggests we might be about to get showered with DLC. The refreshed list of digital trinkets...

Friday30th Mar 2012

  • News Download the Free WipEout Generation Soundtrack Now

    Beating the drum

    For many PlayStation fans, the sound waves of WipEout are a cultural touchstone. That’s especially true for the “WipEout Generation”, a group of independent music producers who – inspired by the work of former series composer Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) – have written and performed their own free WipEout themed...

Monday27th Feb 2012

  • News Expect More Free Content to Come to Wipeout 2048

    Tools, tracks and more

    Wipeout 2048 is easily one of the best Vita launch games, but Sony Studios Liverpool intends to tighten it up further with future updates and downloadable content on the way. Lead designer Karl Jones spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine and cleared up his earlier comment that the game isn't a "one shot approach",...

Saturday18th Feb 2012

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Friday3rd Feb 2012

  • News Playable PS Vita Demo Units Drop into GameStop

    Love at first sight

    If you haven’t yet sampled a PlayStation Vita with your own eyes: boy, are you in for an incredible weekend. US retailer GameStop’s just announced that it now has demo systems setup at over 3,300 of its stores. You can find your nearest participating retailer through here. Each demo unit will come equipped with a number of...

Tuesday3rd Jan 2012

  • News WipEout 2048 Almost Had a Zombie Mode, Demo Drops This Month

    And you thought zombies were slow

    Zombies are everywhere in the gaming world. They've brought upon the apocalypse countless times, eaten our neighbours and have even taken to fighting plants. But you know what they hardly ever do? Race. Sony's Vita launch title WipEout 2048 almost amended that sad fact however, as the game once featured a...

Wednesday9th Nov 2011

  • News Wipeout 2048 Controls, Courses and Camera Detailed

    Futuristic Q&A

    Wipeout 2048 is one of the most anticipated Vita games racing toward launch, and the PlayStation Blog just posted a Q&A with producer Michael Pulst about what players can expect come launch. Pulst revealed that tracks can now span multiple vertical levels, with alternate paths offering an extra layer of strategic choice: will you...

Wednesday8th Jun 2011

  • News Crash Into This New WipEout 2048 Trailer

    Near functionality and augmented reality

    The WipEout series has gone portable before, with the WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse making a home on Sony's last handehled the PSP. The games made great use of the hardware, and where stellar examples of how to translate the fast-paced world of WipEout to a smaller screen. WipEout 2048 on PS Vita takes that...

Friday3rd Jun 2011

  • News NGP Gameplay Video Round-up

    Uncharted, Sound Shapes and WipEout

    Sony updated the PS Blog with tons of content yesterday, detailing the online gaming features of WipEout 2048, releasing a bunch of screenshots for Uncharted: Golden Abyss and debuting the new game

  • News WipEout 2048 Lets You Race PS3 Owners Online

    Bridging the gap

    Cross-platform online gaming isn't a widespread reality just yet, but Sony's next WipEout title is certainly another step in the right direction. Sony says that the new feature will allow owners of WipEout HD Fury to race against up to seven WipEout 2048 racers online. Aside from this impressive feature, game director Stu Tilley...

Thursday5th May 2011

  • News Is WipEout Trinity Sony’s NGP WipEout Title?

    Mysterious title unearthed

    Sony is already rumored to be readying a new WipEout game for the launch of the PlayStation NGP, but the title of the game has still not been set in stone. A recently uncovered domain name registration by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reveals that it now owns the domain, and has since November of...

Tuesday26th Apr 2011

  • Rumour Uncharted, WipEout and ModNation Ready for Launch

    Not a bad line-up

    More sources have apparently leaked Sony’s first-party line up for the PlayStation NGP, with four first-party titles set for the system’s holiday launch. The four first-party titles are: UnchartedSmart AsWipEout 2048ModNation Racers. Resistance is supposedly launching in early 2012. The source also claims that the previous...