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Wednesday14th May 2014

  • Store Update 13th May 2014 (North America)

    Black magic

    There’s not a whole lot of girth to the latest North American PlayStation Store update – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a big week for PlayStation Vita owners. Fans of Sony’s flagship portable format will be able to pick up both Borderlands 2 and Soul Sacrifice Delta – two tasty titles that should add a little spice to...

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Sunday2nd Mar 2014

  • News Soul Sacrifice Delta Turns the Pages with Launch Trailer

    Book worm

    Less may well be more, but you wouldn’t think so watching this trailer. Sony has released an epic five minute video promoting the upcoming Soul Sacrifice Delta, which is set to deploy in Japan as soon as next week. The footage – embedded below – hones in on all of the new additions to the demon slaying upgrade, and you may need a pen...

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Friday27th Sep 2013

  • News Snow White Sure Looks Scary in Soul Sacrifice Delta

    Once upon a grime

    Snow White looks a shadow of her innocent Disney counterpart in these grotesque Soul Sacrifice Delta sketches. The famous protagonist from the popular fairy tale has been given a torturous makeover for the recently announced re-release, which sees the original demon slayer expanded with hours of brand new content.

Saturday21st Sep 2013

  • TGS 2013 Soul Sacrifice Delta Casts a Spell on PS Vita TV

    It's a kind of magic

    Soul Sacrifice Delta, the upcoming re-release of Keiji Inafune’s popular fantasy title, may be defined by its dark magic – but the only sorcery in this video is the recently announced PS Vita TV. This brand new footage filmed at the Tokyo Game Show depicts a group of budding monster hunters getting to grips with Sony’s new...

Thursday19th Sep 2013

  • TGS 2013 Soul Sacrifice Delta Refreshes with Rancid Ogres

    Strong stomach recommended

    Soul Sacrifice Delta, the upcoming re-release of Keiji Inafune’s massively popular PlayStation Vita demon slayer, may not ship with a sick bucket, but it probably should. To coincide with the Tokyo Game Show, platform holder Sony has deployed a brand new trailer for the impending title, which shows off some of the foul...

Wednesday18th Sep 2013

  • News Soul Sacrifice Delta Gets Grimmer with Fairy Tale Foes

    "What big teeth you have"

    How does creator Keiji Inafune intend to improve upon the already excellent PlayStation Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice? Why, by creating monsters based upon characters from Grimm’s famous fairy tales, of course. Sony has confirmed that stars such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, the Three Little Pigs, and Snow...

Monday9th Sep 2013

  • News Soul Sacrifice Delta Coming To PS Vita In 2014

    Keiji Inafune also hints at full-blown sequel in 2015

    PS Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice is getting a revised version in the shape of Soul Sacrifice Delta, the existence of which was confirmed by creator Keiji Inafune during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's press conference this morning. The game is expected to hit Japan in March next year. New...