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Thursday20th Dec 2018

  • News Minecraft Support Officially Axed on PS3, PS Vita

    Chip off the old block

    Minecraft’s final update – which includes support for the Nightmare Before Christmas mash-up pack – has been released on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, effectively ending support for those versions of the game. Joining the ageing Sony systems are the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U, which have also been binned by developer...

Saturday31st Dec 2016

Saturday29th Aug 2015

  • News Star Wars Brings the Force to Minecraft: PlayStation Edition

    The empire strikes block

    Sony's billing the PlayStation 4 as the system for Star Wars, so it would be a bit embarrassing if it didn't get Luke Skywalker and crew into the PlayStation versions of Minecraft. Fortunately, through a collaboration with "Disney Interactive, LucasFilm, and Microsoft" – seriously, this is written on the PlayStation Blog...

Monday27th Apr 2015

Tuesday24th Mar 2015

  • News Minecraft Enters Orbit with Mass Effect DLC This Week

    Block to the future

    Minecraft's getting two new DLC packs this week on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Alongside the not-that-interesting Pattern Texture Pack, which applies soft colours and knitted animals to your blocky world, you'll also be able to jet into space with the Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack. As its name suggests, this will coat the...

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Tuesday22nd Jul 2014

  • Weirdness Bloomin' Heck, Someone Made Shenmue in Minecraft

    Search for sailors all over again

    It’s funny how you can remember your way around familiar locations even if you haven’t been there for years. We spent so many hours in Shenmue’s eighties recreation of Yokosuka on the Dreamcast that we know every crevice of this incredible Minecraft replica. It’s been built using a modified edition of the PC...

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  • News Minecraft Maker Makes PS4 and Vita Versions a Top Priority

    Sweet new textures coming to PS3

    We already know that Minecraft’s basic building blocks are in place on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, after port house 4J Studios posted a picture of both versions of the game in action. However, the UK-based outfit – which works in conjunction with creator Mojang to convert the indie smash to consoles – has since...

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