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Wednesday29th Mar 2023

  • News Tekken 8 Grabs Loads of Direct PS5 Gameplay Footage

    Featuring every character so far

    Ahead of its first public playtest this weekend at Evo Japan, a bunch of Tekken 8 press previews just dropped. Various gaming publications got to go hands on with the in-development fighter, and overall, things sound extremely promising. While these previews don't feature any completely new information, the actual...

  • News Tekken 8 Keeps the Character Reveals Coming as Ling Xiaoyu Reappears

    The phoenix flies again

    Wow, we honestly we're expecting another Tekken 8 character trailer so soon. All of the previous trailers were based on characters that were already shown in some capacity when the game was announced and then revealed, so you'll have to excuse our surprise! Ling Xiaoyu is the latest returning fighter to be confirmed. We...

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Tuesday28th Feb 2023

  • News New Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer Kills It with Jin Kazama

    "I shall not waver again"

    Bandai Namco has released another Tekken 8 gameplay trailer, this time for eternally moody lead Jin Kazama. Once again, we're treated to some gorgeous visual effects as Jin beats the snot out of his evil dad, Kazuya, and shows off a range of new moves. As has been the case with all of the character trailers so far, we're...

Tuesday21st Feb 2023

  • News Kazuya Gets a Crunching Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer


    Is this the coolest Kazuya Mishima has ever looked? Quite possibly. The Tekken veteran is, of course, back as one of the main characters in Tekken 8, and this new gameplay trailer shows off his iconic fighting style. Many of his fundamental moves seem to be here, but he's definitely rocking a few new strings. What's more, it looks like...

Sunday5th Feb 2023

Friday3rd Feb 2023

  • News New Tekken 8 Info Is Probably Dropping This Weekend

    At the Tekken World Tour finals

    Tekken World Tour 2022 comes to a close this weekend with its Global Finals in Amsterdam — and you know what that (probably) means! Not only are we going to be treated to a top-notch professional Tekken 7 tournament, we're (again, probably) going to get some new info on Tekken 8. The Tekken team has a long history...

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  • News Tekken 8's Stunning Trailer Was Gameplay Captured Directly from PS5


    Sony's latest State of Play started with one hell of a bang, didn't it? Tekken 8 right out of the gate, just like that! And what a trailer it was. Clearly meant to emphasise the leap in graphical quality from the now noticeably aged Tekken 7, Bandai Namco says that the footage is taken from the game's story mode,

  • News Tekken 8 Officially Revealed for PS5

    "Stay Tuned"

    Following a very brief teaser at Evo 2022, Tekken 8 has been officially revealed through Sony's Latest State of Play broadcast. The reveal trailer has Jin and Kazuya — no doubt the focus of the game's story — squaring off against each other in a storm-rocked arena. Graphically, this Unreal Engine 5 project looks like a huge...

Monday8th Aug 2022

  • News Tekken 8 Seemingly Teased

    Get Ready

    We all know it's coming, but we weren't sure if Tekken 8 would finally be announced at Evo 2022. As it turns out, we think that the long rumoured title has been officially teased. After the Tekken 7 Grand Finals, Bandai Namco unveiled a balance update trailer, that ends with Kazuya's original Tekken ending, in which he drops his father,...