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Wednesday15th Nov 2023

  • News Tekken 8 Pro Showcase Makes the Game Look Incredibly Good

    Time's Tekken

    Tekken 8 will be here before we know it. The anticipated fighter is out on the 26th January, and if you need to refuel your hype, we'd recommend watching this highlights video from the recent Tekken 8 Evo Showcase. The event gathered multiple Tekken 7 Evo champions together for a winner-stays-on tournament. The likes of Knee, JDCR,...

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Friday20th Oct 2023

  • News The Tekken 8 Closed Beta Test Is Now Live on PS5

    Get ready for the next battle

    The anticipated Closed Beta Test — CBT for short — for Tekken 8 is now live on PS5. As the 'Closed' part of the name suggests, you're only getting into this one if you registered for a code — and then actually got chosen as a participant. Or, if you were already part of the Closed Network Test earlier in the year,...

Monday16th Oct 2023

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Tuesday10th Oct 2023

  • News Tekken 8's Upcoming Beta Will Boast Impressive AI Ghost Battles

    Last chance to sign up

    Set to begin on the 20th October, the closed beta test for Tekken 8 will be used to showcase the game's unique 'Super Ghost Battle' mode. First explained during a Tokyo Game Show presentation last month, these AI-based fights sound pretty cool, as player data is used to create incredibly accurate 'ghosts' that anyone can fight...

Friday22nd Sep 2023

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Wednesday20th Sep 2023

  • News It's Happening: Legendary Tekken Ball Mode Returns in Tekken 8


    If you were one of the millions of Tekken 3 players back in the 90s, then you'll probably have fond memories of Tekken Ball — a mode that saw two characters use their regular moves smack a beach ball at one another in the hopes of scoring a KO. A truly beloved activity, but one that would never return in any future Tekken title (aside from...

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Tuesday15th Aug 2023

  • News Tekken 8 Release Date Reveal Could Be Closer Than You Think

    PS5 fighter gets rated

    At this point, a release date is really all that Tekken 8 is missing. While it's widely believed that the PS5 fighting game will launch in 2024 — preferably before Evo 2024, which takes place at the end of July — Bandai Namco hasn't been dropping any hints. What's more, the current Tekken World Tour — based around the...

Sunday6th Aug 2023

Friday28th Jul 2023

  • Rumour Tekken 8 Leak Confirms More Returning Characters

    Six reveals seemingly incoming

    This weekend marks the second phase of the Tekken 8 Closed Network Test, and this time around, it's available on PC as well as PS5. And in utterly unsurprising fashion, the PC build has already been pulled apart, with players taking a cheeky look inside the application's files in an attempt to learn more about the...

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Tuesday30th May 2023

  • Rumour Tekken 8 Beta Could Be Incoming

    Heating up

    An online beta test for Tekken 8 could be coming relatively soon, if a listing on SteamDB is anything to go by (as spotted by Wario64). Up until now, the anticipated brawler has only been playable via select location tests. That is, in-person stations at fighting game events, for example. And although we've been graced with loads of...

Monday29th May 2023

Saturday13th May 2023

  • News Hwoarang Is Ready to Kick You to Bits In Tekken 8

    Boot it up

    Another Tekken 8 character reveal shocker: Hwoarang is back! And he still likes kicking everything in sight! The South Korean fighter — who's been a fixture of the series since Tekken 3 — boasts his familiar taekwondo style, although at a glance, it looks even more kick-heavy this time around. The Tekken development team has stated...

Wednesday3rd May 2023

Sunday23rd Apr 2023

  • News Lili Flips Her Way Back into Tekken 8

    Don't get salty

    Given that she's the eternal rival of Asuka — who's already been confirmed as a returning character — we should have known that Lili would be back for Tekken 8. The heiress who loves to flip and kick her way to victory is the game's latest reveal, and she looks great. Much like the other characters we've seen up until this point,...

Sunday9th Apr 2023

Sunday2nd Apr 2023

  • News Tekken 8 Confirms Leroy, Asuka Have Made the Cut

    What's good, sugar?

    We honestly thought that the Tekken 8 character trailers were over — at least for a little while — but no, Bandai Namco has just dropped another two at Evo Japan. Said trailers confirm that Leroy Smith and Asuka Kazama will return. There was something of a question mark over both characters making the cut, but for very...

Thursday30th Mar 2023

  • News Tekken's New Tekken Talk Series Is a Must Watch for Fans

    Tekken it higher

    Bandai Namco has launched a new video series called 'Tekken Talk', which, as you might have guessed, talks about the Tekken series. The first episode is hosted by esports manager Sumichu, and features Tekken producer Michael Murray alongside fighting game veteran and commentator Rip, and ever-popular content creator Maximilian Dood...