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  • News Evo 2024 Games Announced, Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6 Headline

    A new battle begins

    The main games lineup for Evo 2024 has been revealed, and to the surprise of no one, Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 are the headline acts. Those heavy hitters will be joined by Guilty Gear Strive, Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, Under Night In-Birth 2 , Mortal Kombat 1, King of Fighters XV, and

Tuesday6th Feb 2024

  • News Tekken 8's First Balance Patch Is Out This Week

    Bugs also being fixed

    Just under two weeks after its initial release, Tekken 8 is set to receive its first balance update. Patch 1.01.04 will drop on the 7th February, after server maintenance is carried out at 10:30 JST / 01:30 GMT / 02:30 CET / 17:30 PST until 16:00 JST / 07:00 GMT / 08:00 CET / 23:00 PST. Obviously, you won't be able to play...

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  • News Devil Jin's Finally Got Drip in Tekken 8

    Devil's in the details

    Tekken 8 is just two days away at the time of writing, but Bandai Namco is still pushing these character-specific gameplay trailers. Devil Jin is the star of this final reveal, and he's sporting a stylish new look. That's right, Jin's malicious alter ego is no longer clad in edgy belt buckles — he's got himself a big...

  • News Tekken 8's Trophy List Provides a Pretty Easy Platinum

    No Rage required

    The Trophy list for Tekken 8 has been made public (as per PSNProfiles, watch out for spoilers), and it looks to be rather straightforward. It's one of those 'do a bit of everything' lists, and none of the gongs are particularly difficult — although some of them require more time investment than others. A large chunk of Trophies...

Friday19th Jan 2024

Thursday18th Jan 2024

  • News Tekken 8 Launch Trailer Is Here to Max Out Your Hype

    Get ready for the next battle

    It's (another) exciting moment for fighting game fans. At the time of writing, Tekken 8 is just over a week away, and by all accounts it appears to be a cracking entry in the storied franchise. Bandai Namco has just released the launch trailer for the PS5 fighter, and it's looking great. There's an emphasis in the...

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  • News Tekken 8 Early Release Date Is a Mistake, Bandai Namco Confirms

    Tekken the p*ss

    Social media speculation regarding Tekken 8's release date has been rampant today, all stemming from a post on Reddit. User shyl0c shared a picture from their local game shop, clearly showing Tekken 8 promotional posters complete with a 21st January PS5 launch date. Of course, the fighting title has long been locked in for the 26th...

Wednesday27th Dec 2023

  • News Tekken 8 Makes Kuma Cooler Than Ever Before

    Bear it all

    Kuma has long been something of a joke character in the Tekken series — a literal bear who (mostly) stands on two legs. However, it really feels like Tekken 8 is trying to make Kuma cool — and we're 100% on board. Dripped out in a bandana and Heihachi's old martial arts uniform, the bear's looking like a beast. Kuma's also packing...

Wednesday20th Dec 2023

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  • News Tekken 8 Teases Its Explosive Story Mode in Latest Trailer

    Jin and tonic

    Bandai Namco is full steam ahead with Tekken 8 as the fighting game fast approaches launch day. The title is due for release on 26th January 2024, and up to now, most of its trailers have been focused on single characters. This new one, however, shows off the game's Story mode — and it's looking typically mad. Following on from the...

  • News The Tekken 8 PS5 Demo Is Available to Download Now

    Tekken it for a spin

    Earlier this week, Bandai Namco announced a free playable demo for the upcoming fighting game, Tekken 8. Said demo is now available to download and install on PS5. Weighing in at 23.7GB, it's pretty beefy for a demo, so what does it contain exactly? Well, you'll be able to play as Jin, Kazuya, Nina, and Paul, will feature...

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  • News Leo Is Ready to Break Bones in Tekken 8 Gameplay Reveal

    Now with extra belts

    All 32 characters of Tekken 8's launch roster have been revealed at this point, but Bandai Namco still has some catching up to do in showcasing a number of returning fighters. It's Leo Kliesen's turn today, with the baji quan-wielding brawler serving up some especially crunchy gameplay in the above trailer. Leo first appeared...

Wednesday15th Nov 2023

  • News Tekken 8 Pro Showcase Makes the Game Look Incredibly Good

    Time's Tekken

    Tekken 8 will be here before we know it. The anticipated fighter is out on the 26th January, and if you need to refuel your hype, we'd recommend watching this highlights video from the recent Tekken 8 Evo Showcase. The event gathered multiple Tekken 7 Evo champions together for a winner-stays-on tournament. The likes of Knee, JDCR,...

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