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  • News Your Pets Could Be Part of PlayStation's $25,000 Donation to ASPCA

    #StrayReactions event gets started

    Back when PS Plus Extra title Stray launched a couple of months back, it immediately soared in popularity. There was a lot of warm sentiment about the feline-friendly title, and so convincing are its animations that real-world pets were reacting to it in heart-warming fashion. This sparked a brilliant social media...

Wednesday27th Jul 2022

  • News Loveable Sony Suit Shuhei Yoshida Is a Legit Let's Play YouTuber Now

    The Shu's on the other foot

    If you’re not paying close attention to Sony’s YouTube channel, it’s well worth a look these days. The company – which can seem a bit stuffy and buttoned up at times – is really expanding its mix of content beyond just trailers, featuring regular esports tournaments and now even Let’s Plays. This – the first...

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  • Random Deus Ex's First Tweet in Almost a Year Is All About Stray

    Asked for this

    Understandably, the official Deus Ex social media has been pretty quiet for a while. After all, the last game released back in 2016, not to mention Embracer's buyout of Square Enix developers and IPs. However, the Twitter account has broken a nearly year-long silence, and it's not even to talk about Deus Ex. It's a tweet focused on...

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  • News PS5, PS4 Cat Sim Stray Is Still on Schedule for 2022


    Ahead of yesterday's State of Play broadcast, everyone was trying to predict the games that Sony would show. Despite PlayStation telling everyone that the event would focus on Japanese publishers, Stray was a name that we saw being banded around social media and various forums (it even popped up amongst us editors!). The PS5 and PS4 cat...

Thursday29th Jul 2021

Wednesday30th Sep 2020

  • News PS5's Stray Shares New Story and Gameplay Details

    Untangle an ancient mystery

    Stray might be one of the most adorable PlayStation 5 games announced so far, meaning any new details are always going to be met with enthusiasm here at Push Square. And luckily enough, today's update to the game's official PS5 page has brought with it new story and gameplay details that help to give us a slightly better...

Thursday11th Jun 2020