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  • News Soul Hackers 2 Reveals English Voice Cast in New Trailer

    Meet the voices behind the faces

    JRPG Soul Hackers 2 is getting a full English dub in the west when it releases for PS5 and PS4, and today studio Atlus has revealed much more than the six sentences we got out of Summer Game Fest. Every character has a few lines to share in this new trailer, and then we're introduced to who is voicing the main cast...

Friday10th Jun 2022

  • News Soul Hackers 2 Pre-Orders Live Now on PS Store

    Hack the planet

    Shown off during Summer Game Fest was a new trailer for Soul Hackers 2 in which we got to hear the English voice cast for the first time. In addition, it was announced that both physical and digital pre-orders are now live for PS5 and PS4. Here's what you can expect from each version: Digital Pre-orders – Standard Edition...

Thursday9th Jun 2022

  • News Your First Taste of the Soul Hackers 2 English Dub Is Here

    Got soul

    Hey, don't forget that Soul Hackers 2 is out in two months and a bit. The Japanese RPG still looks great in this latest trailer, but we mean what we wrote in the headline: this is just a tiny taste of the game's English dub. A whole six lines of dialogue or something. Soul Hackers 2 is up for pre-order on PS5 and PS4 now as well, but if...

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  • News New Atlus JRPG Soul Hackers 2 Gets a Second Trailer

    There's a rabbit

    Push Square deputy editor and resident weeb Robert Ramsey is on holiday this week, so please forgive this scribe as he clumsily tries his best to cover the new Soul Hackers 2 trailer. Hot on the heels of the first trailer, our task is made even tougher by both the voiceover and YouTube description using Japanese. So, what's going on...

Monday21st Feb 2022