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Thursday23rd Mar 2023

Saturday11th Feb 2023

  • News Retro Compilation Sonic Origins Could Be Getting a Plus Update

    Plus what?

    Looks like SEGA will be building upon its already sturdy Sonic Origins compilation with a Plus upgrade similar to Sonic Mania. A classification submitted to the Korean ratings board references the release of Sonic Origins Plus, which will presumably include additional content – potentially Game Gear games, Ma

Friday17th Jun 2022

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Tuesday17th May 2022

  • News Here's Another Quick Glimpse at Sonic Origins Gameplay

    No Sonic 3 footage, though

    Sonic Origins is just a month and a bit away, and fans of SEGA's mascot are understandably excited to revisit those classic games on modern platforms. We know what the package includes — Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD, presented in widescreen and playable in two different modes — but we've seen very little of it...

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