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Tuesday15th Feb 2022

  • News New PS5, PS4 Games Coming to EA Play This Month

    Football and baseball

    The Super Bowl is over, which means the full-price sales window for Madden NFL 22 is coming to a close as well. Of course, EA still has microtransactions to flog, so it’s adding the American football sim to EA Play starting this week. You’ll be able to revive the ailing New York Giants (or any one of the 32 teams of your...

Saturday20th Nov 2021

  • News EA Sports Rebrands Madden NFL 22 for Big Bo Jackson Promo

    Bo knows

    Tecmo Bowl cheat code and real-life Raiders running back Bo Jackson has taken over Madden NFL 22, as part of a mid-season ‘Bo Knows’ promo inspired by the NFL and MLB legend. The update, available now, spans all facets of the game – and even replaces the traditional cover stars Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, at least temporarily...

Thursday14th Oct 2021

  • News Madden NFL 22's Revamped Scouting Releases on PS5, PS4

    Dig into the details

    A fairly large part of Madden NFL 22’s pre-release hype cycle focused on the changes that EA Sports is making to the game’s Scouting system in Franchise mode. This was, at launch and in previous entries, fairly rudimentary. You’d get a handful of points each week which you could spend to reveal further information about...

Saturday9th Oct 2021

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Tuesday31st Aug 2021

  • News Represent One of Ten Colleges in Madden NFL 22's Superstar KO

    Back to school

    We’re going to have to wait a little while longer for the return of EA Sports College Football, but until then, Madden NFL 22 is hoping to warm you up with the addition of ten prestigious programs to its Superstar KO mode. You’ll be able to represent the likes of Clemson, LSU, and University of Florida, as you partake in the new...

Saturday7th Aug 2021

Tuesday20th Jul 2021

  • News Madden NFL 22 Outlines Post-Release Scouting System Overhaul

    Adding depth to drafting

    For the first time in years, EA Sports is investing in Franchise mode in Madden NFL 22, and it’s making some massive improvements to the mode. One oft-requested update, Scouting, will be added post-release in a September live service update – and it sounds like a big improvement. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys...

Wednesday7th Jul 2021

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