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  • News Like a Dragon: Ishin's PS5, PS4 Trophy List Will Destroy You

    Do everything, ever

    The Yakuza Like a Dragon series is no stranger to extremely tough (read: very grindy) Trophy lists — and upcoming spinoff Like a Dragon: Ishin! is another one that's aimed squarely at masochists. The title's PS5 and PS4 list is packed with what can only be described as mind-breaking Trophies — the kind of trinkets that'll...

  • News Like a Dragon: Ishin! Combat Demo Is Out on PS5 Now

    Practise before launch

    Update: The Like a Dragon: Ishin! demo is available to download now on the PS Store, but only PS5 users can play. There's no PS4 version on offer like there is for the full game. Your save data from the demo won't carry over to the paid version. Original story: A Like a Dragon: Ishin! demo focusing on combat looks set to hit...

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  • News Like a Dragon: Ishin! Won't Have an English Dub

    Just subs

    As part of ongoing coverage at Tokyo Game Show, RGG Studio has confirmed that freshly announced remake Like a Dragon: Ishin! will not have an English voiceover option — it'll just be sticking with subtitles. The developer has greenlit English dubs for its most recent games — Judgment, Lost Judgment, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon — so...

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