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  • News Major Helldivers 2 Balancing Patch Buffs Just About Everything

    Democracy in action

    A constant piece of feedback we've seen from Helldivers 2 players is the state of the game's many weapons and stratagems, with some pieces of war gear falling behind others. Thankfully, developer Arrowhead has been listening and has issued a major patch, which, along with the release of the Viper Commandos Warbond, should make...

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  • News Helldivers 2 on PS5, PC Is Sony's Fastest Selling Game of All Time

    Did you do your part?

    This author’s got to put his hands up: there are Slack chat records of me saying Helldivers 2 would be a total and utter sales flop. As it happens, the release has now cemented itself as Sony’s fastest selling first-party title of all time, netting 12 million units in 12 weeks across PS5 and PC, accurate as of 5th May. That...

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