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  • News Good News, Bat Fans! Gotham Knights PS5 Has Gone Gold

    Robin from your PS Store wallet soon

    Gotham Knights, the co-op themed superhero brawler from Warner Bros Montreal, has gone gold. For those not up to speed on industry lingo, gold status marks an important milestone in game development where the project is complete, and is prepared for manufacturing and publication on the PS Store. While the...

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  • News Lengthy Gotham Knights Gameplay Walkthrough Revealed

    Nightwing and Red Hood detailed

    Today's Gotham Knights update is an extended gameplay walkthrough that focuses on two of the playable characters: Nightwing and Red Hood. There are 13 minutes of gameplay to watch, detailing how the two characters in question play as well as a look at your home base. Also included is a brief look at the menus and gear...