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  • News Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Out Now on PS5, PS4

    The MMO continues

    There's no stopping MMO Final Fantasy XIV, and its latest expansion Endwalker will surely be its biggest yet. The latest batch of content is now available on PlayStation 5 and PS4, priced at £36.99/$39.99. This is pitched as the conclusion to Hydaelyn and Zodiark's story, and you also get to go to the moon, which is pretty cool...

Wednesday13th Oct 2021

Thursday20th May 2021

Tuesday13th Apr 2021

Saturday3rd Apr 2021

  • News Final Fantasy XIV Shows Off 15 Minutes of PS5 Footage

    Loading times are rapid, as you'd expect

    Uber-popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV is coming to PlayStation 5 soon, with an open beta due later this month. And here’s a brief look at 15 or so minutes of gameplay, courtesy of the livestream archive embedded above. The footage showcases the visual improvements, as well as the loading times, which are –...

Thursday1st Apr 2021

  • News Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Begins 13th April

    Anyone can take part

    The next big step for immensely popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV is to get up and running on PlayStation 5. But before it gets an official release on Sony's next-gen system, Square Enix is giving everyone a chance to get in on the action with an open beta. The beta will begin on the 13th April. Again, anyone can participate —...

Saturday6th Feb 2021