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Tuesday15th Mar 2022

  • News EA Play Members Get a New PS5, PS4 Game This Month


    EA Play’s vault continues to expand with the addition of a new PlayStation 5 and PS4 game this month. Subscribers will be able to download F1 2021 from 24th March, which is perfectly timed to coincide with the start of the new season this weekend. As always, you’ll get access to the entire game to play, as long as your membership doesn’t...

Monday15th Nov 2021

  • News F1 2021 Adds Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Free Update Today

    Final free track joins the calendar

    Codemasters has been steadily adding any missing circuits to F1 2021, this year's simulation of the motorsport. While most of the calendar was in place, three notable tracks were missing. With today's free game update, the third and final of these will make its debut in the game. The Jeddah Corniche circuit, a...

Wednesday13th Oct 2021

Monday13th Sep 2021

Monday23rd Aug 2021

  • News F1 2021 PS5 Patch 1.07 Re-Enables 3D Audio

    Sounds good to me

    Good news, 3D audio fans: the feature is now back in F1 2021 on PlayStation 5. A couple of weeks ago, Codemasters released patch 1.06 for this year's Formula One sim racer. Among the patch notes, it stated it would remove 3D audio from the game while the developer ironed out some issues. Fortunately, the studio has resolved any...

Monday9th Aug 2021

  • News Now 3D Audio Has Been Disabled in F1 2021 on PS5 with Latest Patch

    Sounds worse than it is

    F1 2021 is a great instalment in Codemasters' ongoing annual series, but the developer really seems to be having a tough time with the PlayStation 5 version. Not long ago, the game's ray tracing features were causing visual issues elsewhere, so the team removed it entirely while it straightened things out. This was fixed, and...

Monday2nd Aug 2021

  • News F1 2021 Patch 1.05 Fixes Ray Tracing on PS5


    Petrol heads have been enjoying the rather excellent F1 2021 lately, but one nasty issue was spoiling the fun on PlayStation 5. For whatever reason, the limited ray tracing implementation on PS5 was causing lots of visual hiccups. It got so bad, in fact, that Codemasters removed ray tracing from the game in order to straighten things out...

Tuesday20th Jul 2021

Tuesday29th Jun 2021

  • News F1 2021's Braking Point Story Mode Gets First Details, Screenshots

    Looking nice and cheesy

    You know, sports games don't really need a story mode, but we're glad they exist. F1 2021 is the latest annual sporting title to go this route, with its narrative focused Braking Point mode a big new feature for the upcoming instalment. In addition to the regular career and MyTeam, you'll be able to enjoy a story mode with a...

Wednesday16th Jun 2021

  • News F1 2021 Introduces a Comprehensive PS5, PS4 Racing Suite

    Braking point

    If you’re a fan of F1 or motorsport in general, then the upcoming PlayStation 5 and PS4 simulation racer F1 2021 looks just about as comprehensive as you could imagine. While it’s unquestionably building from the strong foundations of its forebears, this is a huge package, complete with co-op career, the management-based MyTeam...

Thursday10th Jun 2021

Monday17th May 2021

Thursday15th Apr 2021