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  • News Alan Wake 2 Datamining Points to Alternate Ending in New Game+

    Light in the darkness

    Alan Wake 2 is currently blowing minds and Metacritic scores, with the tortured sequel quickly jumping to the top of many players' personal GOTY lists. As more and more roll credits, evidence of what precisely this "alternative narrative" developer Remedy Entertainment teased for the titles New Game Plus mode have begun to e

Thursday2nd Nov 2023

  • News Latest Alan Wake 2 PS5 Patch Applies 200+ Fixes

    Bugs thwarted, improvements made

    Another PS5 patch has just gone live for Alan Wake 2, introducing over 200 improvements and bug fixes to the game. It is available to download now, bringing the title up to version number 1.000.008. A complete roundup of all the changes and additions can be found on the official Alan Wake website. The top-level...

Monday30th Oct 2023

  • News Alan Wake 2 Dev Praises Epic's Publishing Team for Acclaimed PS5 Release

    "They really care"

    In a year filled to bursting with genuine Game of the Year contenders, Alan Wake 2 has added another candidate to the list. The game, itself a sequel to an old Xbox 360 exclusive, was published by Epic Games – and developer Remedy has been singing its partner’s praises on Twitter, noting that the company “really cares”...

  • News Remedy Details Alan Wake 2's Upcoming Expansions

    Night Springs, The Lake House

    Alan Wake 2 only launched on Friday, but developer Remedy has already shone a light on its post-launch support plans, detailing when and where this particular tale will take us next. Previously, the developer has promised "significant" free DLC, as well as a genuinely intriguing take on New Game Plus, in a future...

Friday27th Oct 2023

Thursday26th Oct 2023

  • Site News Where's Our Alan Wake 2 PS5 Review?

    Stuck in the dark place

    As you'll no doubt have seen at various other outlets, the review embargo for Alan Wake 2 has now lifted. Early verdicts for Remedy Entertainment's hotly anticipated sequel are now out in the wild, and you might be wondering where Push Square's assessment is right now. Well, it's coming, but we're not totally ready yet...

  • News If You Weren't Already Hyped for Alan Wake 2 on PS5, This Should Do It

    Final call

    Alan Wake 2 is out tomorrow, 27th October, with the long-awaited sequel set to continue the tale of the titular writer. We got a ritualistic launch trailer, which has us counting the hours until we can finally dive back into Remedy's incredible-looking world. We admittedly don't know much about the narrative this time around, and without...

Wednesday25th Oct 2023

  • News Yes, Alan Wake 2 Will Make Proper Use of PS5's Pad

    Remedy not skimping on support

    Sony’s innovative DualSense controller can be a game-changer when put in the right hands, but it’s usually down to first-party developers like Insomniac and Guerrilla to get the most out of it. Fortunately, Finnish studio Remedy is not skimping on support, and has promised that its upcoming Alan Wake 2 will take...

  • News Console Players Will Be 'Very Positively Surprised' by Alan Wake 2

    Preferable to the alternative

    Alan Wake 2 is out Friday, 27th October, and anticipation is building for yet another blockbuster game in a year full of them. Developer Remedy Entertainment has been quite bullish about the supernatural sequel, and we can't wait to get to grips with it ourselves. Still, some fans have expressed concern regarding the...

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  • News God Damn! Alan Wake 2 Just Looks Incredible on PS5

    Wake up

    There’s nothing really surprising or new about this Alan Wake 2 gameplay demo – it’s very much the cinematic third-person shooter you may be expecting. The bottom line, however, is that it looks absurdly good – like, unbelievably so. Much of this 15-minute demo revolves around obsessively detailed environments, but it eventually...

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