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Tuesday1st Mar 2022

  • News PS Plus PS5, PS4 Games for March 2022 Are Available Now

    GTA Online coming a little later though

    After a somewhat tame selection last month, PlayStation Plus is looking healthier in March 2022. The monthly lineup is four games strong this time — five when you include GTA Online, coming later down the line — and they're all available to download right now. Yes, the rollout has begun, meaning you can...

Saturday26th Feb 2022

  • News PS Plus PS5, PS4 Games for March 2022 Announced

    Ghost with the most

    PS Plus' lineup for March 2022 has been officially announced, and if you can believe it, the leaks are back! That's right, we had one whole month without PS Plus leaks, but now we're back to the regular schedule, it seems. And yes, the leaked game selection was correct. Your PS Plus games for March 2022 are as follows: GTA...

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Friday29th Mar 2019

  • News SEGA Spotlights Spooky Team Sonic Racing Track and Music

    Haunted Castle

    It's that time again, everyone, for another Team Sonic Racing course and its accompanying music to have its five minutes of fame. This time, we're getting a taste of Haunted Castle, which features a song composed by Tee Lopes, the musician who did a great job on Sonic Mania's soundtrack. As expected, it's all themed around spooky...

Saturday16th Mar 2019

Friday22nd Feb 2019

  • News Another New Track and Song Revealed for Team Sonic Racing

    Frozen Junkyard

    By the time Team Sonic Racing makes it out on 21st May, we're all going to be experts on the game's soundtrack. SEGA has slowly been releasing new music from the upcoming co-op kart racer for a while now, and the latest is for a new track called Frozen Junkyard. "In the new track, 'Frozen Junkyard', Sonic and friends will race...

Friday1st Feb 2019

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Friday11th Jan 2019

  • News Another Music Track from Team Sonic Racing Appears Online

    Ocean View

    Continuing its trend of releasing new music every few weeks, SEGA has shared yet another song from the delayed Team Sonic Racing. Called Ocean View, this track is a remix of a song originally found in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed named Sonic - You Can Do Anything. It's typically high energy stuff for a Sonic title. The...

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  • News Three More B-List Sonic Pals Join Team Sonic Racing Roster

    Team Vector

    Team Sonic Racing is shaping up fairly well, with interesting team-based mechanics injected into traditional kart racing goodness. One of the bigger question marks over the title is its roster of characters -- without SEGA's other properties to flesh it out, this game's lineup consists purely of Sonic's friends and foes, which isn't...

Tuesday7th Aug 2018

  • News New Team Sonic Racing Trailer Showcases Team Tactics

    Drive by

    As you might be able to deduce from the game's name, Team Sonic Racing is all about teamwork. SEGA has released a brand new trailer that drives this point home, focusing on the techniques you and your teammates will be utilising to stay ahead. Skimboost is a manoeuvre whereby you drive close to a teammate who's struggling to give them a...

Sunday24th Jun 2018

  • News Big the Cat, Amy Rose, and Chao Join Team Sonic Racing


    Big the Cat’s hanging up his fishing rod in favour of four wheels, as three new characters join the roster of Team Sonic Racing. The frog-obsessed feline will be joined by the forever friend-zoned Amy Rose and four different Chao characters – all driving in the, ahem, same car. The newcomers were revealed as part of a Sonic the Hedgehog...

Monday11th Jun 2018

  • E3 2018 Team Sonic Racing Recruits Crush 40 for New Trailer

    Fur the win

    SEGA’s traditional c*ck rock has been brought out, which means you know it’s about to get serious with Team Sonic Racing. The publisher’s been teasing Sumo Digital’s spin-off for a few weeks now, but finally here’s a proper trailer to feast on. For those of you who aren’t in the loop-the-loop, the game has a team racing...

Tuesday5th Jun 2018

  • News Team Sonic Racing Is More Than a Mario Kart Clone

    There's no AiAi in Team Sonic Racing

    It’s not a popular opinion, but Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was up there with Mario Kart in our eyes – and just a pointed snout behind Crash Team Racing, which is still gaming’s greatest ever kart racer, of course. Team Sonic Racing comes with credentials, then – even if it is lacking the...

Wednesday30th May 2018